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Yummy food for your brood
Jun 15, 2012
08:41 AM

Fast and Foolproof Dessert Recipes

Family can't seem to escape the burnt-cookie blues? Here are the easiest and fastest recipes every sweet tooth needs – with minimal ingredients required and ready for indulgence in 10 minutes or less!

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Microwavable Molten Lava Cake

The ultimate chocolate cake is yours in five minutes – just grab a soup bowl! Honest Cooking's fast and fun microwavable cake (and you thought it couldn't be done) has the sponge-y texture and delectable chocolate filling you love with minimal cleanup, ingredients and time required. Could it be any more perfect? Make a single serving to share (or not!), or have everyone put together their own "cup cakes" so there's no more fighting over the last slice. All problems solved.

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