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Yummy food for your brood
May 11, 2012
12:03 PM

Have a Blast with Burgers: 7 Recipes Great for the Grill

In honor of May, National Burger Month, try your grilling hand at flipping these seven savory kid friendly recipes that amp up an American favorite!

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The Michigan Olive Burger

Did you know that our beloved Mitten is birthplace to "the olive burger"? Fables' chain restaurants, founded in Grand Rapids, packed in customers during much of the late 1980s. Famous for its "Mr. Fabulous" double patty beef burger, served with a spoon of Mr. Fables' special olive mayo, Fables' fans have been searching for this recipe ever since the business closed down. Luckily, Recipe Secrets has found it for you! Go ahead: Unleash your inner Michigander.

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