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Mar 9, 2010
01:31 PM

Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog' DVD

The newest animated Disney DVD is an old-school delight for families

Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog' DVD

Once upon a time, a happily-ever-after was all fairytale flicks needed to be cool. That was, until the 3D craze made a blazing comeback and upped our expectations so that animated movies with no in-your-face effects looked like something out of the Stone Age.

But sometimes simple's sweet. Such is the case with the 2D reboot of Disney's hand-drawn The Princess and the Frog – available on DVD, Blu-ray and in a bargain combo-pack on March 16, 2010 – and available to win right here at MetroParent.com! Forget the prince (at least for a bit): 19-year-old Tiana's goal during this twist on the princess prototype is to become a restaurant entrepreneur – which, parents, is a far loftier goal than being gung-ho over a guy, don't you think? But that's not without some hoops to hop: the perennial villain – the voodoo-practicing "Shadow Man" – and a cash pinch. Kissing a frog (and turning into one) doesn't help, either, but at least Tiana's reptile run teaches her some life lessons. Ones about family, faith, finding yourself – morals all parents hope their children absorb in their own fairytale.

None of it's pushed without a lapse in charm. Much of that's due to the nostalgic factor (dedicated Disney fans will love the little nods to classics like Cinderella and Lady and the Tramp), because The Princess and the Frog is a bright and bubbly gem that's an enchanting throwback to our timeless faves. No frills. No goofy-looking glasses. Nothing swooping centimeters from your eyes. Instead: More laughs than you'll remember from the Disney bunch. Charming characters. That blissful ending that sends you into a whirl of glee.

How cool, too, that it's all tucked into a vibrant New Orleans backdrop, beaming with exciting back-to-basics animation that pops off-screen without any high-tech gimmicks, an irresistible jazz-inspired musical gumbo and a boisterous adventure with a colorful clan. Among them, an affable trumpet-tooting alligator and a feisty Cajun firefly. And then there's Tiana's bouncing-off-walls bestie, a Southern belle who's Tiana's spoiled opposite – and whose cackle-causing goofball behavior will have kids rolling on the floor ... right next to you.

Bonus features galore – families with Blu-ray players really reap with endless exclusive extras – keep the good times going. Available for all to enjoy is "The Princess Portraits Game," an interactive guessing-game where the fireflies frame one of the iconic Disney princesses. You guess, and then you get a story about one of the crowned darlings. However old you are, reliving Disney's masterpieces through these clips – and the traditional triumph that is The Princess and the Frog – is as thrilling as true love's first kiss. Welcome this into your collection with a big wet one!

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Mar 10, 2010 10:38 am
 Posted by  tupperwaretricia

We didn't get to see The Princess and the Frog in theater. We were in the middle of a huge move, and the kiddos were struck pretty hard with a bad virus. With 4 kiddos, it took a long time to heal. We can't wait to see it. I'm anticipating all the good notes from those who saw it.

Our fave "true love kiss" so far is a great book called, "The Princess and the Kiss", by Jennie Bishop. It's a beautiful story of saving true love's first kiss. The boy's version? "The Squire and the Scroll", also by Jennie Bishop. I hope you get a chance to enjoy them.

Tricia from Warren, MI

Mar 11, 2010 08:12 am
 Posted by  RoseZ

I haven't seen it yet - but, I would love a chance to win it so that I can check it out! Thanks for the review.

Mar 11, 2010 03:10 pm
 Posted by  bmshodge

My daughter really enjoyed this movie! It was her first Disney Princess movie in the theater! :)

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