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Gimme, Gimme!

Cool things Metro Parent editors love and you gotta have
May 22, 2012
12:29 PM

Made in Michigan: 11 Cool Family Products!

Celebrate Michigan Week with stuff kids and parents will love – from (actual) mittens and toys to food, beverages, handmade jewelry and other local goods

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Faygo Soda Pop

Taste a little bit of history with Faygo soda pop, which has its origins in Monroe. Two Russian immigrant brothers, Ben and Perry Feigenson, first created the fizzy concoction with cake frosting flavors. The original soda pop came in fruit punch, strawberry and grape. Today, you can get your Faygo in countless flavors – even pineapple watermelon!

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Jun 5, 2012 07:53 pm
 Posted by  aburns1982
Aug 10, 2012 01:40 pm
 Posted by  collette88

Hey! These are awesome!

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