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Gimme, Gimme!

Cool things Metro Parent editors love and you gotta have
May 15, 2013
01:33 PM

Camera and Photography Gear Families and Kids will Love

Point-and-shoot fun has never been easier with today's digital toys. Freshen up your photo accessories with these cool inventions and trends.

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Alphabet Photo Frame Growth Chart

Instead of making permanent marks on the wall, track your child's growth with photos! This handmade hanging height chart has a side for measurement – as well as four photo slots so you can remember exactly what they looked like when they begged you to see how tall they were for the 10th time that day. Or snap a Polaroid and swap in new pics all the time to prove to them that the broccoli you make them eat actually does help them grow big and strong. Find it via Etsy from Teamson Kids for $28.05.

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