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Gimme, Gimme!

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Nov 8, 2009
04:14 PM

Up, Up and Away!

Pixar's latest DVD release, Up, is a must-have

Up, Up and Away!

Here's something you gotta get. The marvelous motion picture, Up, is out on DVD Nov. 10. If you've already seen it, then you know that you have to get it for your kids – and for you. But if you haven't seen, your family is in for a treat.

Up is down, but that's only how it begins – with an ultra-charming vignette bit that sweetly and sadly speeds through the life of a man and his wife. Then it's all high-flying fun, fantastically meshing tender cuteness with a winsome flair, adult-like depth and goofy good times – all expected from Pixar, the creators of Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. and last year's Wall-E.

But Up doesn't give us talking toys, fun-loving fish or lovable robots. We get a grumpy geezer. That would be Carl, who's down in the dumps after losing what he loves most. And then his house. But the ol' man's got a smart, if not very practical, plan – and it involves balloons. A lot of them. With enough helium to get his treasured home off the ground, he sails away in the sky en route to Paradise Falls, a place he dreamed of going as a wee one.

Things look, well, up as he and his pint-sized sidekick, a neighborhood boy, discover this new world, this new life – a mystical faraway land that's the spot for adventure and slapstick silliness. Kids will get a kick out of that alone, but parents will dig – and relate to – the deeper life morals: live life to the fullest, dreams do come true with determination, and learn to let go.

They're all funneled through the vibrantly colored dreaminess of its Wizard of Oz-like otherworldliness, making Pixar's latest masterpiece a sweet balloon ride that sweeps us up with it. And what a ride it is: It's got yapping dogs, a loony bird, witty humor and silly shenanigans. Dentures as a lethal weapon? Now that's funny.

The laughs are big. But even bigger is Up's heart. It's sweeter than chocolate ("cross-your-heart" will melt you to mush), endearing and, yeah, uplifting. You'll cry. And then you'll want to hug an elderly fella. Call it a kid's movie, but Up's approach is boldly more grown-up than ever, riffing on aging, death, family issues and other balloon-bursting setbacks along the road ... or the sky.

So, parents, rejoice! Up is one that even big kids will find hard to turn down after the first viewing – not like those "really, again?" animated flicks that get as repetitive as some of the questions kids ask. Same goes for the extras – part of a four-disc set, which includes Blu-ray and DVD, and a double-disc DVD. The animated short, Party Cloudy, is as cute as they come, telling the tale of a cloud that can't compete with his pretty-animal-making peers.

Equally as cheek-pinching adorable is the mini-movie about Up's motor-mouthed mutt – the exclusive "Dug's Special Mission," a peek into the dog's antics before meeting his human buds. Blu-rayers get more goodies: A geography game, in-depth character studies and a look-see into how Pixar decides what a dog says ... which is a lot more than you'd expect.

Want to see for yourself? Enter to win your own copy! Click here for details. Hurry: The deadline is Nov. 30!

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