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Gimme, Gimme!

Cool things Metro Parent editors love and you gotta have
Nov 28, 2012
11:31 AM

Toys that Fly, Glide and Soar with R/C Power and More

Whether they're remote-controlled or completely unmanned, take flight with these toy planes, helicopters, rockets and UFOs kids will love

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U.F.O. Micro R/C by FeiLun

Flying saucers – talk about something the Wright brothers probably never even fathomed. Now you can take command of your own alien craft with this easy-to-maneuver micro remote-controlled UFO from FeiLun. The UFO stays level as you float up, down and side-to-side. If you go too low or if you place your hand under the flying disc, it will automatically rise up, using its "brainpower reaction." Buy one at Focalprice for $19.09.

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