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Gimme, Gimme!

Cool things Metro Parent editors love and you gotta have
Sep 12, 2012
09:39 AM

National Video Games Day: Cool Picks for Kids

Celebrate the creativity and genius of video game designers with these eight games that are interactive, educational and tons of fun for children

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Wii Music (Wii)

Do you have a child who uses your pots and pans as a drum set? She'll love Wii Music, an interactive game that provides a way for kids to experience playing instruments to create songs together. Players use their Wii controller as an instrument to perform a selection of songs, from well-known classical pieces to pop songs everyone will know and love to play along with. Unlike other popular music games, players aren't penalized for bad notes or missed beats. Players are simply encouraged to play, experiment and learn. Get your copy on Amazon for $35.

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