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Family DIY fun crafts and projects
Jan 28, 2014
01:10 PM

Craft Roundup: Valentine Cards and Creations

Brighten your kids' day with a sweet little treat, or consider handing out one of these projects in class this year. Here are four lovely DIY ideas to try.

Craft Roundup: Valentine Cards and Creations

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When it comes to Valentine's Day, we tend to quickly think of cards and gifts for our children, a spouse, the kids at school, etc. But don't forget family, friends and neighbors out of the area! A handmade valentine is a welcome surprise in the mailbox. This week's roundup has ideas for simple gifts to send, including a great project being spearheaded by Etsy.com for Meals on Wheels. As you look at your valentine list, who would you like to add – and which craft suits them best?

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