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May 27, 2014
06:00 AM

Craft Roundup: Kid Gardening Gear, Toys and More

Looking to cultivate a little green thumb? Try these DIY ideas and resources, from creative, engaging websites to felt toys and mini Disney garden kits.

Craft Roundup: Kid Gardening Gear, Toys and More

So your "budding" gardener has made their upcycled planter and is ready to get dirty. Sounds good to me! If your family is geared up to start a garden, plant some veggies or simply learn more about all things green and leafy, here are a few resources and products to get you motivated. Which plants are your children most curious about? What are they hoping to plant first?


Gardening With Kids

An extension of the National Gardening Association, Gardening With Kids provides educators and community leaders with tools and resources to teach children about the importance of gardening. Their blog features ideas you can apply to your family's garden, and the online shop has a variety of useful products your family is sure to enjoy.


Disney Mickey Grow Garden

For the Disney fans in your home, here's an unexpected treat! From Cars and Disney Princesses to Mickey Mouse himself, Burpee.com offers several animated-theme garden kits to surprise your children.


Grow to Learn NYC

Grow to Learn NYC is a site dedicated to starting gardens in schools. The resources, including supply lists and recipes to try using the items your child has grown, can be useful at home, too.


Handmade Felt Garden Educational Toy

Start the love of gardening at a young age! Etsy seller Little Fruits has created this adorable felt garden with pickable vegetables that reinforce the importance of knowing where your food comes from – and that veggies are fun.

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