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Family DIY fun crafts and projects
Mar 11, 2014
06:00 AM

Craft Roundup: Paper Dress Fashion, Rainbow Loom Suit

Get inspired by two kid-friendly outfits that have gone viral, thanks to 'Mayhem' and Jimmy Kimmel, and make bunny paper dolls and watercolor crochet wall art

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4-Year-Old Paper Dress Fashion

If you haven't seen 4-year-old Mayhem's "spring collection" of paper dresses created by herself and her mother, you need to read this interview on Huffington Post Parents right now. For Mayhem, a lover of dress-up, store-bought dresses weren't cutting it anymore. This no-sew option is a collaborative effort between mother and daughter, often inspired by red-carpet fashion (their Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes dress is perfection!) and today's style icons. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to see the latest creations.

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