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My Summer Story

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Aug 3, 2012
01:04 PM

California Vacation Holds Many Memories

A tween recalls fun family times including dips in the pool, an all-girl-cousins sleepover and pillow fight, fishing – and a sad memory, too

California Vacation Holds Many Memories

One time me and my family went to California. It was super fun. Let me tell you the story.

When we got to California, I knew it would be a lot of fun. So at the beginning the day we just visited. I was happy and had a lot of fun that day – and then heard that two of my cousins were gone and one of them was in hospital. But I didn't let that spoil the fun.

The next day I wanted to go to the pool that we had right next to our condos. It was really big. The water was super clear – so clear that you could see all of the detail at the bottom of the pool. My cousins and I had lots of races until we got tired and got dressed into our pajamas. We talked and watched some TV.

At night, all of the girl cousins had a sleepover. We stayed up until midnight. We had this one HUGE pillow fight until we all fell asleep. When I woke, all of us were sprawled on the floor covered with feathers. We cleaned up the room until it was spotless. After that we had breakfast and then just had a break from each other till lunchtime. We all went to this place that had seafood. My favorite, yum! After that my family went fishing. We caught lots of fish and then we had that for dinner.

The next day one of my cousin's family had to leave because our cousin Anna was dying. Later that afternoon we heard that she was dead. We were all sad on the last day when we all left. Even though we had a cousin die, we all had lots of fun even though that happened.

The end.

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