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My Summer Story

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Aug 7, 2012
12:53 PM

Kalahari Resort: Bigger Brother Tells His Version

From swans to tornado sirens, there were plenty of fun side stories to this family trip. But the wave pool and zip line ruled most of all, says Shawn.

Kalahari Resort: Bigger Brother Tells His Version

Have you ever been to Kalahari? Well, I have! The first time I crossed the long brown bridge, I saw two swans. They were all white, except their eyes. They were black eyes. Then we changed into our swimming suits and played in the water all day. I liked the wave pool, Leopard's Lair and Victoria Falls. Those are the ones I like best. They are exciting! And the (most) awesome ride I ever been to!

The wave pool is a good place to go surfboarding because there are big waves. When I said big, I meant the waves are huge. Bigger than yourself! That's what I mean. It is the hugest (most) awesome pool I have ever seen.

Alert, alert: This is the cool part! When we were still swimming, the sirens went off and we all had to go to the dark, dusty large basement. Yuck! We all had to go back up when the tornado alert was done. When we went back up, I knew there was no tornado attacking.

Then I wanted to go on the zip line, but my mom thought I wanted to go on the obstacle course – so she freaked out when I did the zip line because I might fall, but I love it! After that we changed, packed up and left.

The end.

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