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My Summer Story

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Aug 16, 2012
11:00 AM

Summer with Neighborhood Kids Helped Heal a Broken Heart

Just divorced and alone in a new home, this southeast Michigan woman found solace, joy and a new community through the local rug rats

Summer with Neighborhood Kids Helped Heal a Broken Heart

I have not been able to have children, yet love spending time with them. This is about my best "summer with the kids."

I was newly divorced at 20 when I moved into a townhouse complex. I was living alone for the first time in my life. The kids in the neighborhood loved to come over and spend time on my front porch – and were my gateway to meeting the other adults in the neighborhood.

I was working as an activities assistant and would come up with craft ideas, like the afternoon we tied long strands of grass the lawn-care company overlooked to long strings in order to make grass skirts – then proceeded to pretend we knew how to hula dance.

Some of these kids had never played Frisbee before, so I brought out a few for another afternoon of fun. When invited, I would attend their ball games, etc. Their eyes would light up when they saw me cheering them on. These kids helped heal my broken heart when I really needed to feel appreciated, and I will always remember them fondly for welcoming me into the new neighborhood and their lives.

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