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Jul 31, 2012
12:34 PM

When the Koi Pond Stole Baby Lilly's Pacifier

A toddler's delight turns into a funny, treasured family story when her beloved 'pa' falls into the water – and, literally, goes to sleep with the fish!

When the Koi Pond Stole Baby Lilly's Pacifier

A koi fish pond in the middle of a hotel lobby is great fun for kids – and a beautiful atmosphere for any hotel-going guest. After eight-plus hours of two children under 5, my parents and my sister in one minivan to visit my brother and his family, the hotel was a welcome sight. We made our way up to the top floor of this beautiful place and took in the wonderful view of the koi ponds from eight floors up.

While looking down at the pond, as soon as my 2-year-old saw the fish, she opened her mouth to point them out – and out popped her only prized position on this earth: her favorite "pa" (pacifier). Well, you can imagine the drama that ensued after watching the pa fall all the way down eight floors – directly into one of the koi fish ponds!

We looked for the pa all weekend and made numerous jokes about the fish swimming around with a pacifier in its mouth. My daughter was not amused by the situation and always looked longingly at the ponds as we ate breakfast or walked through the hotel. By the end of our time at the hotel, we had given up hope – and my daughter had designated a new pa her favorite.

My mom was the last into the van as we were loading up our luggage for our long drive home. While coming out the front door we could see her laughing her head off. Apparently, as she was coming through the tropical koi pond area on the way out of the hotel, an employee was cleaning the ponds with a long skimmer – and you'll never guess what was in that skimmer! The pa.

Needless to say, we left it there after its three-night stay with the fish – but it was a cute story which we will always remember as the day the koi fish stole Lilly's Pa!

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