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My Summer Story

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Jul 12, 2012
10:05 AM

Chasing Fireflies in the Summer Night

Catching tiny flashes of light in the dark sky was a small thrill for this young girl six years ago – and remains one of her favorite vacation memories

Chasing Fireflies in the Summer Night

Lights flicker in the dark, moving everywhere. The sounds of joy fill the air. My favorite memory flashes through my mind like the fireflies we chased.

Ever since I was little, we would go outside with our hands opened, ready to run. Chasing around the flashing lights. When that first light broke in the darkness, our eyes lit up.

It was when I was 6 that I had a memory that would last forever.

"Come on, Alex!" Erin yelled, being her bossy self. I pulled on my pink cowgirl slipper boots and started to make my way outside. My heart leaped when I saw yellow flashes in the distance.

We both took off running, my parents following behind us. Being quiet and still, we waited for their lights to flicker. Giving away their hiding spots. I tiptoed quietly and, with one swift motion, it was in my hands. "I caught one – look it, look it!" I cried cheerfully.

I opened my hands to let it go. As it flew away, I made a wish – like you would on a shooting star. It was the greatest moment to a little 6-year-old like me.

My favorite memory is a sweet and simple one. It's small like a firefly. It's still my favorite memory. I could have written about a big vacation, Disney World or camping trips. But it's the small memories that make life truly unforgettable.

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