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My Summer Story

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Jul 6, 2012
08:59 AM

Creating the Ultimate Summer Vacation – with B.L.A.C. Detroit

When this Wayne County man got laid off, he jumped to action – discovering riverfront yoga, free museum visits and many more cultural gems in Detroit

Creating the Ultimate Summer Vacation – with B.L.A.C. Detroit

This summer, I got laid off. But instead of moping, I've done plenty of proactive job hunting. But that's not all I've been doing – I decided to live!

There have always been so many things to do around Detroit that I simply didn't have the time for. But after working to live for so long, I decided to treat my newfound (yet hopefully temporary) freedom as a blessing – an opportunity to truly live life to the fullest and take advantage of everything I normally couldn't just due to a lack of time (working 60 to 80 hour per week makes time a luxury, after all).

But how to find all this stuff – this fun, these cultural events? I decided to use a resource I always read anyway: the sister website of MetroParent.com, B.L.A.C. Detroit! http://www.blacdetroit.com The events listings are awesome. Already, based solely on B.L.A.C. Detroit's listings, I've attended tai chi and yoga on the Detroit RiverWalk on Wednesdays and Fridays. Who knew I could get so refreshed – and re-stretched – in the middle of downtown Detroit?

Thanks to Urban Wellness Group, the car horns, cell phones and traffic dissipate and tranquility takes its place. I visited the Detroit Institute of Arts and Charles Wright Museum during a free-of-charge Sunday – which also made for a great date! When you can impress a woman, take in some history and get some exercise (and you will, because those places are big), it's a great day every time.

I enjoyed a live jazz concert by Marcus Belgrave at the Detroit Public Library. Wow! This was my first time at the DPL on Woodward Avenue, and it's an absolutely beautiful building, inside and out. Many pictures of its architectural grandeur were posted on Facebook – and many trumpet notes of sonic splendor were enjoyed by my ears.

That's just a small sampling of what I've discovered, learned and lived this summer, thanks to B.L.A.C. Detroit. And summer just got started! Check out their event listings and share what YOU have experienced, too. I look forward to reading about it! Stay B.L.A.C.

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