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My Summer Story

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Jul 2, 2012
05:45 PM

Noodling Around at the Community Pool with Family

It was a simple afternoon of water noodles, sandwiches, watermelon and a dip in the deep end. To this southeast Michigan kid, it was a perfect summer day!

Noodling Around at the Community Pool with Family

I always loved to swim, so when my dad told me I was going to my aunt's neighborhood pool, I was so excited! When we got to my aunt's house, we picked up my aunt and cousin, Stephanie. When we got to the pool, I changed into my swimsuit and went to find a table. When I got in the water, it was really cold, but I got used to it. I played on a noodle for a long time in the shallow pool. I tried to ride it like a horse, but I kept falling off.

Then I had lunch. I had a sandwich and watermelon. Then I went in the deep end. I got on something that you can lie on and floated around. Then Stephanie pushed me off and got on it. We kept doing it until I got out. Then we went home. I had a great time!

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