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My Summer Story

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Jul 13, 2012
04:48 PM

Welcome to Fyla's Lemonade Driveway

A family beats the heat with a lemonade stand and mini garage sale – and scores a hilarious memory when their 2-year-old buys her own shirt back

Welcome to Fyla's Lemonade Driveway

There was so much talk about the heat and humidity this summer that I decided to help my 2-year-old daughter with her very first lemonade snack stand. Dad decided that it was indeed a good idea, but suggested that we also sell other items and make it a big family event. In running with his idea, Fyla's Lemonade Driveway sale was moving forward.

On the day that the sale began, my baby girl Fyla asked many questions about what was going on – who was the popcorn for, can she help, and many other inquiries. But what made me burst a tickle vessel was when I put out some clothes that Fyla no longer could fit.

At one particular moment, Fyla made a dollar from her lemonade sale. I watched her walk over to the clothes bar that hung several shirts and dresses she had outgrown. She picked up a pink Yo Gabba Gabba! shirt, ran over to me in a rage of excitement and said, "Mommy, look, Yo Gabba Gabba!"

I said, "Yes, I see. Would you like that shirt?" I asked. She said, with an enormous smile, "YES!" I said, "It's gonna cost you a dollar; do you have a dollar (as I am looking at the one buck in her hand)?" She said, "Yes!" and handed me the dollar bill. So I said, "Then that shirt is yours!" It was hilarious.

She ran away showing EVERYBODY that she bought a Yo Gabba Gabba! shirt. Mind you: Not only did it come straight from her own wardrobe, but she could no longer fit the one-size-too-small classic. I had a huge LOL moment as I was LMBO and ROTFL!

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