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My Summer Story

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Jun 20, 2012
11:00 AM

Feeding Sting Rays in Atlantis

She just planned to give the sea creature a fishy snack. In the process, she got a shower! A Wayne County teen recalls her funniest summer memory.

Feeding Sting Rays in Atlantis

One of the funniest summer memories I have was when me and my family went to Atlantis.

While I was there I did many exciting things, but one of the most exciting was when I got to feed stingrays. Now, this would have been a lot less exciting if I had know what I was doing. Unfortunately, I did not! I saw someone feeding string rays earlier that day. They would hold the fish, and the stingray would come up on their hand and eat it. Now when I tried that, the stingray pulled on the fish and I would not let go, thinking it was going to come up. So it blew water out of what I think were its gills and squirted me. I let go of the fish after that!

This was one of my funniest summer memories.

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