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Oh, Mother

Are these parents quirky or crazy? You decide!
Feb 25, 2014
10:15 AM

Movies R Fun! Book is a Wacky Adult Book in Kids Clothing

The writer works for Pixar. But don't let that fool you. Josh Cooley's new book is definitely for parents, featuring scenes from your fave R-rated flicks.

Movies R Fun! Book is a Wacky Adult Book in Kids Clothing

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Over here at Metro Parent, we get the occasional miffed letter or Facebook note from a reader chastising us for using swears (like a Macomb County dad who said "bada*s" – see item No. 30) or covering naughty stuff (such as Michigan mom Jasinda Wilder, who writes steamy novels – with her hubby). We truly try to be tasteful, but also remind our dear audience that we are, indeed, a pub for parents – creatures who are known for the occasional curse or sexy deed – and not wee page-turners.

In that spirit, we're admittedly a bit nerdy for "kids" books meant for adults – and are pleased as punch that Josh Cooley's Movies R Run! A Collection of Cinematic Classics for Pre-(Film) School Cinephile is hitting digital and store bookshelves today. This fresh parody title by the ever-zany Chronicle Books publisher joins its Lil' Inappropriate Books line. And, while it totally parades as a colorful 48-page children's book, you probably don't want to read this one to the kids at bedtime (although this hilarious promotional video might sway you otherwise).

The premise is super simple – you may have seen it making the rounds on social media. It's drawings of iconic moments from classic R-rated movies with a snippet of dialogue from the scene below it, picture-book style. But the best part? Cooley, who's responsible for all the illustrations, is a story supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios, who's worked on Up, Ratatouille and Cars. This talented California dude offers a twisted slice of fun for parents. Oh, and yes – he also has two kids, Lola and Oscar. If you ask us, he sounds like a pretty, well, bada*s father.

Flip through a few pages from Cooley's new book in our Oh Mother photo gallery (we tried to choose tastefully – more or less). Enjoy!

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