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Oh, Mother

Are these parents quirky or crazy? You decide!
Jan 30, 2014
12:34 PM

3D Replica of Your Fetus: Latest Keepsake Trend for Moms

Pregnant? There's no need to wait nine months to hold your baby. You can order this custom figurine, based on your unborn infant, from 3D Babies.

3D Replica of Your Fetus: Latest Keepsake Trend for Moms

We live in a society that wants instant gratification, from news updates to newsfeed notifications. We don't have to wait for anything – though there are some things we have to anticipate, like the birth of a child. Even then, for some, waiting nine months to meet your bundle of joy is nine months too long.

If the anticipation during your child's gestation is killing you, don't fret. You can actually purchase a 3D replica of your fetus – thanks to parents and creators of 3D Babies, a company that allows you to "imagine holding your baby before he or she is born," says the site.

According to a video on the company's Indiegogo page – where, last fall, it was trying to raise funds to lower the price tag – 3D Babies transforms your little ones ultrasound photo into a replica of the fetus using a special printing technology. Upon request, they can reposition the baby's body according to your specifications. You can even choose from three skin tones: light, medium and dark.

Did you already give birth? No worries, moms! You can send a photo of your newborn in, too, and get your very own replica.

Your custom baby can be one of three sizes and price points: 8 inches for $800, 4 inches for $400 or 2 inches for $200. That's right: Only $100 per inch of fetus.

Let this entire concept sink in for a second.

After reading about this product, commenters on a Buzzfeed article were fired up about this latest pregnancy memento.

Angela Sci-Fi Buxton says, "Way to turn the miracle of childbirth into a freak show ... "

Kolleen Dilkington adds, "If anyone ever came at me with one of these, we would no longer be friends."

Parents, are you really in that much of a hurry to meet your newborn? Nine months isn't that long!

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Feb 3, 2014 07:44 pm
 Posted by  Jan

Undeniable reality! Do you think people might be upset to see what this "blob of tissue" actually looks like? Just google an image of a 10-12 week fetus. Arms, legs, eyes, nose, ears, mouth. Incredible!

Mar 26, 2014 02:36 am
 Posted by  matgill

Its really unbelievable that you can have dummy model of your fetus. Invention of new technologies has really changed the world completely.

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