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Oh, Mother

Are these parents quirky or crazy? You decide!
Jul 6, 2012
10:40 AM

Weird (and Ridiculous) Parenting Apps for Smartphones

Looking for a way to stalk your teen while they're driving? Or is your ultrasound just not snazzy enough? Never fear, moms and dads – there are, apparently, apps for that.

Weird (and Ridiculous) Parenting Apps for Smartphones

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There seems to be an app to help us do just about anything. And it's no surprise, considering we're hooked on iPhones, Android phones and iPads. We have our beloved Angry Birds app, the app that tells us how many stars the restaurant down the street was given, and of course, our Facebook app that helps us keep up with friends and family.

But do we really need apps that remind us we have our children in tow, or that rate how ugly our children are? Apparently, yes, we do.

Oh Mother crawled the web for apps geared toward parents just to see what was out there for tech-savvy moms and dads. Some were pretty practical – like apps that help new mothers track their baby's sleep and meal schedules. But some were definitely odd – yet, admittedly, a little funny.

So ta-da! Here are five of the funniest – and downright absurd – parenting apps we spotted. Enjoy.

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