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Oh, Mother

Are these parents quirky or crazy? You decide!
May 7, 2012
01:37 PM

Bad TV Moms Roundup – PHOTOS

They're detached, overbearing and manipulative with more bite than bourbon – hell, one's even a pot dealer. Eight of the worst mothers on the tube.

Bad TV Moms Roundup – PHOTOS

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How many TV writers have deep-seeded mommy issues? Based on some of the merciless matriarchs dominating today's line-ups, we're willing to wager more than a couple. Whether they're misguided or just plain mean, modern fictional takes on mothers have served up some downright doozies – all played by, in reality, some fiercely talented females. Creating that jaw-dropping character that you can't help loving to hate is no small feat, after all.

So, in advance of Mother's Day, Oh, Mother has rounded up eight of the biggest offenders currently on cable (or Netflix, or Hulu, or however you screen-feast these days) – whose antics have managed to render viewers both aghast and in awe (and, more often than not, surfing back for more). After all, there's nothing like a little "reality" check this time of year, right? Compared to these hot messes, we're all Moms of the Year!

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