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Oh, Mother

Are these parents quirky or crazy? You decide!
Oct 25, 2012
04:23 PM

Frighteningly Bad Kids Halloween Costumes

Too sexy, too gruesome and way too politically incorrect for comfort, these inappropriate getups beg the question: Should we laugh or should we really be scared?

Frighteningly Bad Kids Halloween Costumes

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No other business capitalizes on the American people's poor sense of judgment quite like the Halloween costume industry. They'll do anything to get us to buy one of their latest skimpy, shocking or generally provocative creations.

And guess what? Kids are their biggest market. The tasteless irony of these costumes often goes right over their heads, and the parents buying these costumes for their little ones are either oblivious or enthusiastically buying them, horrifying the sane people each year.

Here's a roundup of some of the worst Halloween costumes on the market for children – at least in Oh Mother's opinion. Let's hope you don't see kids in these scary outfits on your porch this Halloween.

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