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Living with Autism Workshop 2011 Featuring Eileen Garvin

Metro Parent magazine and Henry Ford Health System presented their fourth annual event on April 28, 2011, featuring the author of 'How to Be a Sister: A Love Story With A Twist of Autism'

Get all the details on the 2014 Living with Autism Workshop at the Troy Marriott.


Metro Parent and Henry Ford Health System were pleased to host Eileen Garvin, author of How to Be a Sister: A Love Story With a Twist of Autism, at our forth annual "Living with Autism Workshop" on April 28, 2011.

Eileen Garvin's older sister, Margaret, was diagnosed with severe autism at age three. Growing up alongside Margaret wasn't easy. Eileen often found herself in situations that were simultaneously awkward, hilarious and heartbreaking. Garvin's memoir begins when Eileen, after several years in New Mexico, has just moved back to the Pacific Northwest where she grew up. Being 1,600 miles away has allowed Eileen to avoid the question that has dogged her since birth: What is she going to do about Margaret? Now, Eileen must grapple with this question once again as she tentatively tries to reconnect with Margaret. What role will Eileen play in Margaret's life?

Participating Vendors

  • Autism ASK
  • Autism Collaborative Center-Eastern Michigan University
  • Discovery Toys
  • G Publishing
  • Hunt-Sampey Foundation
  • Irlen Center
  • Judson Center
  • L.E.A.N. On Us
  • Pervis Jackson Jr. Autism Foundation
  • SLC Therapy Center
  • The Ann Arbor Center
  • The Brain Training Center
  • Total Education Solutions
  • University of Michigan Autism & Communication Disorders Center


Supporting the Family – Tips for Parents and Siblings Handling the Middle and High School Years
Greg J. Oliver, M.S., L.L.P Child Psychiatrist, Henry Ford Health System

The National Children’s Study and Developmental Disabilities Pediatrician
Charles Barone, M.D., Chair of the Department of Pediatrics, Henry Ford Health System

Transitioning from High School to Adulthood
Madonna University Adjunct Faculty: Joseph J. Richert II, EdS, CBIS and Rachel M. Richert, MA, CBIS

Communication is the Key: Unlocking the Challenges
Nancy R. Kaufman, M.A. CCC-SLP and Carol P. Afflerbaugh, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCBA, Kaufman Children's Center

Estate Planning and Financial Planning for Families with Special Needs Children
G Grace Gursel, JD & Lauren Johnson, JD - Shea, Aiello, Doxsie, Coraci & Gursel, PLLC, Jonathan Nalon, Financial Consultant - Hantz Financial & Annmarie Manning, CPA - Hantz Tax & Business


Ask Your Neighborhood Psychiatrist: Behavioral Health Q & A Panel
Robert J. Lagrou, D.O., Child Psychiatrist & Kelly Rogalski, M.D., Pediatric Psychiatrist, Henry Ford Health System

Everyone Has Autism: Essential Components for an Accurate Diagnosis Early Diagnosis
Colleen M. Allen, Ph.D., CCC/SLP – Speech/Language Pathologist, Director of CADD & Barry Wolf, M.D., Ph.D. – Geneticist and Pediatrician, Henry Ford Health System

Navigating the Social World: Intervention Strategies that Work
Steven Schwartz, JD, NCSP, Madonna University Associate Professor

Promoting Cognitive Executive Skills to Advance Academics and Behavioral Control in Children and Adolescents with ASD
Dr. Laurie Lundblad, Psy. D., APRN, BC, Psychologist, Clinical Director, Building Bridges Therapy Center


Evaluation of Capacity for Independent Living
Janet S. Reed, Ph.D., MHA – Board Certified Clinical Neurophysiologist, Jules E. C. Constantinou, M.D., F.R.A.C.P, Henry Ford Health System

Transitions Within K-12 Grades for Students with Autism
Todd Symington, B.S., M.S., Madonna University Assistant Professor, Specialist in School Psychology Services

Autism and Families: A Father’s Perspective
Rick Reed, Easter Seals Michigan

"Look at Me" Social Skills from Toddlers to Teenagers
Jennifer Bell Smith, MA, CCC-SLP, Building Bridges Therapy Center

Estate Planning and Financial Planning for Families with Special Needs Children
G Grace Gursel, JD & Lauren Johnson, JD - Shea, Aiello, Doxsie, Coraci & Gursel, PLLC, Jonathan Nalon, Financial Consultant - Hantz Financial, Annmarie Manning, CPA - Hantz Tax & Business  {C}

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Check out the photos from last year's Living with Autism Workshop!

Apr 22, 2011 01:50 pm
 Posted by  hlnoble

Looking forward to the workshop

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