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Historic Fort Wayne

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Essential Information

6325 W Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48209
Website URL www.historicfortwaynec...

Historic Fort Wayne Coalition is dedicated to preserving the history of Michigan men and women who served their country between 1845 and 1973, who either sent material to or personally passed through Historic Fort Wayne as a place of induction to United States military service. We are busy helping the Fort’s caretakers, the City of Detroit Recreation Department with this effort in two major ways. First, we are active in presenting high quality events that provide ways for the public to enjoy Historic Fort Wayne and see glimpses or how it would have looked when it was garrisoned. We are also very busy in the effort of preserving and restoring as much of the structures and facilities as possible on the Fort grounds.

A large majority of the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition membership is made up of people who portray military and civilian figures of various time periods for their own leisure and hobby. These people are commonly known as "re-enactors" or "living historians." As re-enactors, their interpretations of daily life during years past provide a "living history" lesson to interested students. The educational wealth provided by re-enactors has not only proved beneficial for schools and historical parks such as Fort Wayne, but also has made historical motion picture documentaries and dramas such as Glory, The Last of the Mohicans, Gettysburg, and Gods and Generals much more realistic in presentation. Re-enactors are proud of their educational value to the community, and are not reserved about presenting themselves to any party interested and willing to learn about history.

Living History & Re-enactments

April 13-14
Re-enactments, Tours and Flea Market
10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday

May 9
WWII Weekend: $3/person, free/kids under 12 free
Learn about Detroit’s integral role in WWII from guest speakers and WWII veterans. See military camps, displays, military vehicles, reenactment and much more.

May 25-26
WWI Living History Weekend
Camp life and re-enactors

June 29-30: Colonial Days: Colonial America comes alive with re-enactors, camps, displays and cannon and musket firing demonstrations.

September 14-15
Civil War Days & Patriot Palooza
$3/person, free/kids under 12
Come see the Civil War as it was in Detroit in 1863. See historians, re-enactors, Union and Southern Camps, military drills, cannon and musket demonstrations and celebration of our Constitution’s 11 founding principals.

September 21-22
Relive the 1812 era as we enter into our second year of War with re-enactors, camp life, historians, guest speakers, cannon and musket demonstrations.

December 7
1863 Civil War Christmas
Look through a window into history and see fort life for enlisted men, officers and civilians as they celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Haunted Historic Fort Wayne Paranormal Hunts
8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays
July 20 • August 17 • September 29 • October 19 • October 26 • November 1
Advance ticket purchases required. Experience haunted tours at Detroit's hidden jewel, offering visitors a rare chance to explore this fantastic site as few have before!

SPECIAL Paranormal Hunts!
Advance ticket purchases required.
May 4: Paranormal Muster (2 pm - 2am)
June 22: TAPS Ghost Hunt
The team from the SYFY hit Ghost Hunters will be back to explore Detroit’s own haunted Fort!

Vintage Baseball with home team: Early Raisers Baseball Club of Detroit!
Come watch baseball as it was played in the 1850-1870’s, when it was a gentlemen’s game. No gloves, leather ball and pure family fun!
Home Games take place at 1 p.m. on Sundays
June 2 • June 30 • August 25 • September 8 • September 22 • September 29

SPECIAL Baseball Event!
July 20
Historic Fort Wayne Baseball Day Triple Header: a vintage mini World Series!

Historical Walking Tours: 2 hours
By the Detroit Recreation Department
$5/person, free/kids under 12
Covers the visitor center, Star Fort, barracks, Powder Magazine, Officer housing row River Front parade ground and Spanish-American Guard House. Park benches and air-conditioned buildings available along the route. Site rentals and weekday tours available upon request, call 313-628-0796.

Archeological Programs • Children’s Tours and Overnight Stays • School Tours
$5/parking • Handicap Accessible • Modern Restrooms • Air-conditioned buildings

Other Happenings

April 6
National Park Day by the Civil War Trust and History Channel. Public welcome to come work on site cleaning up and grounds work.

June 8-9
Historic Fort Wayne Magic Shows

Oct 12-13
Fall Flee Market sponsored by the Detroit Historical Society Guild and Historic Fort Wayne

October 19
Mad Anthony Wayne Bike Race
Amateur and professional mountain bike endurance race.

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