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Geiger Ballet

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Address 5526 Drake Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Website URL www.geigerballetacadem...

The Geiger Classic Ballet Academy is dedicated to the serious study of the art and appreciation of classical ballet. For all students the rewards of becoming superior ballet dancers are great: a sense of achievement, increased self esteem, poise, strength and endurance, artistic awareness, maturity and a unique feeling of accomplishment and joy!

Our Early Childhood Program (ECP) is designed to provide children between four and seven years of age with a strong foundation in dance and movement, accompanied by a nurturing and positive learning environment that will help establish the knowledge, understanding, and love of dance.

The ECP teaches the young dancer the main elements of movement and dance such as space and how to relate to it as an individual or as a member of a group, musical rhythm, opposition, directions, and the elementary positions and movements of ballet. Within the classroom the young dancer will discover the important social and critical thinking skills of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination and teamwork. Studies have shown that children who are introduced to the concepts of movement sequencing, patterning, and spatial relationships help develop reading, mathematics, and other educational skills.

Professional Track

This program is designed so that students advance through the various levels on a progressive scale. tudents begin studying one time per week. The number of days required increases as the child moves to higher levels.

Level 1 (7 years & up)

The main goals of a first year student at Geiger Ballet are to learn correct body placement and simple positions of the head and arms. We incorporate the fundamentals of music (rhythm and tempo) and the connection the student needs to feel between the music and the dance movement. Good classroom manners and timeliness are modeled and encouraged.

Level 2 (8 years & up)

Building from Level 1, we overlay strength building, turn out and the theory of the working leg verses the supporting leg. Flow and grace are further explored along with the quality of movement.

Level 3

Now that the body has a basic understanding of the classical line, exercises are introduced involving the gradual lifting of the legs to a high 90 degrees. More complicated jumps are learned along with mastery of turning.

Level 4

A student at this level is now training the body seriously and with steadfast commitment. In order to succeed at classical ballet, one needs to repeat the technique over and over so that it becomes seamless and effortless. Pointe work is now added to their study. Where once the “balance line” was lifted from the ball of the foot (metatarsal arch) the student must transfer the line up to the toes. Speed is increased overall and the patterning of steps is increased in difficulty. Also we incorporate different dance classes such as modern and contemporary. This gives the body a new vocabulary based on a strong ballet foundation.

Level 5

Pointe work is now an everyday habit. The student is learning all the layers that make for a successful ballet dancer: musicality, artistry, quality and, of course, a continuation of mastering the classical technique.

What Every Parent Should Know Before Selecting A Ballet School:

In teaching for over 25 years here are the three most important questions parents should ask before choosing a school for their child.

1. What do you want your child to learn?

2. Do you want them to learn “a dance” or “how to dance?”

3. How do you judge if the physical development is safe and appropriate?

You’re busy running your family around, working and holding down your obligations. Few parents have the time to do the necessary research. What’s flashy and convenient isn’t always the best choice for your child.

That’s why this report will save you time, energy and help you to answer the most critical questions. Call my office or download the Free Report on the first page of our website.

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City: West Bloomfield

County: Oakland

Early Childhood Program 4-6yrs old

Early Childhood Program 4-6yrs old

Self-esteem, poise and a sense of achievement are some of the rewards of ballet

Self-esteem, poise and a sense of achievement are some of the rewards of ballet

Dedicated to the serious study of the art and appreciation of classical ballet

Dedicated to the serious study of the art and appreciation of classical ballet