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Game Crazy

  • Entertainment, Indoor Play, Inflatables, Laser Tag, Play

Essential Information

Address 7185 Gateway Drive
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Website URL www.gamecrazyparty.com

Game Crazy is a new way to experience party entertainment right at your doorstep. Game Crazy's party games like virtual graffiti wall (MUCH better than a photo booth!), robotics, video gaming truck, portable laser tag, hamster balls, a real life version of Angry Birds, candy cannon (a gun that shoots out candy!) and other unique party games offer kids a great way to live it up like the rich and famous and throw a birthday party like a self-indulgent celebrity.

Kids and parents are tired of going to yet another bounce house party or bowling alley to celebrate a child's birthday or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Planning a fun and exciting birthday party is a lot of work for parents. Game Crazy's ability to drive up to your doorstep, set up unique party games and their free online invites and free printed thank you cards aims to take the stress out of party planning for parents while making it a highly memorable event for their kids.

Our Virtual Graffiti Wall is a party pleaser! Snap a photo and it instantly gets uploaded to a huge wall. Armed with paint less spray cans, your party guests can then spray the photo with stencils, stamps and even write all over the photo. When done, they can instantly print, email or share it on Facebook. Great for all occasions, including wedding receptions and corporate holiday parties!

Our climate controlled video game truck with 6 large LCD TVs, the latest video game consoles, surround sound, laser lights and fog machines is gaming utopia for kids!

We can also set up an entire laser tag field right in your backyard complete with bunkers and smoke grenades! Other unique games like a real life version of Angry Birds, Water Tag, Robotics and much more will make your neighbors envious of your fabulous party!

We will bring these games to home birthday parties, corporate events, school fundraisers, summer camps or anywhere that people want to have a good time. All games come with helpful staff who will set it all up, engage the kids and adults & then pack up and leave, allowing parents to actually enjoy their event.

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Additional Information


County: Oakland

Snap. Spray. Share! Unique and Interactive Fun For Every Party!

Snap. Spray. Share! Unique and Interactive Fun For Every Party!

A Gaming Utopia for Boys & Girls!

A Gaming Utopia for Boys & Girls!

Step Inside and Run Like Hamsters! Unique and Loads of Fun!

Step Inside and Run Like Hamsters! Unique and Loads of Fun!