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Quick Facts
Best of Two Great Countries:

Hinoki International School (HIS) is the only school in the country that blends Japanese and American educational systems together in one program, incorporating both the Common Core State Standards and guidelines from the Japanese Ministry of Education (Japan has consistent scored at the top of the Programme for International Student Assessment).

Natural Language Learning:

HIS gives students the opportunity to explore Japanese naturally with Japanese children. We bring Japanese and American families together so that children learn not just from teachers, but also from each other. Your child will be able to understand Japanese people and culture in a natural way – and studies show that young children who grow up with another language under their belts do better in their own tongue, too!

A New World of Opportunity:

Becoming bilingual in Japanese and English will give your child a unique advantage in accessing one of the world’ most dynamic technological societies. Japan ranks near the top not just in educational testing, but also in numbers of patents/inventions and life expectancy. Japan’s current decline in population will also create new opportunities for work and investments for fluent Japanese speakers both here and in Japan.

Hinoki International School

  • Public School District

Essential Information

Address 39111 Six Mile Road
Livonia, MI
Website URL www.hinoki-school.org

Hinoki International School (the Japanese American School of SE Michigan) is a tuition-free public school with a mission to give children a solid footing in both Japanese and American cultures. Our school blends both school systems together, with families from both countries and teachers who create an effective bilingual environment for the students. Hinoki is optimized for helping children reach their potential in both languages, during the elementary school years when language learning is natural and most powerful.

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Additional Information

County: Wayne