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Pretzel Sparklers

Category: Snack
Source: Kim Kovelle

Whip up this fireworks-inspired patriotic snack, sure to spark your kids' appetite.

Number of Servings: 24 pretzels
Ingredients: 1 24-count bag of pretzel rods
2 cups white chocolate melting discs, or white chocolate chips
1 container of red, white and blue sprinkles
Directions: 1. Melt the 2 cups of white chocolate discs or chips. Be careful, as white chocolate burns very easily! If you use a microwave, keep it on low power, checking and stirring every 10 seconds or so. If you use a stovetop, use a double-boiler, again checking and stirring every 10 seconds or so. Continue until all chips or discs are melted.
2. Carefully dunk each pretzel rod, about halfway, into the melted white chocolate.
3. Sprinkle the red, white and blue sprinkles on the white-chocolate-dipped portion of each pretzel rod.
4. Set the garnished pretzel rods on wax paper to let them set. Tip: For quicker cooling results, place them in the refrigerator for a bit.

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