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Super Nachos

Category: Snack
Source: Kristen J. Gough


  • Quality chips: Some of the less pricey brands, like Santitas, taste better (but if you're already fans of a certain brand, go with those)
  • Seasoned chicken: Pick up a rotisserie (Costco’s are great); or cook 4-5 fresh or frozen chicken breasts with 1/2 cup water or chicken broth and flavorings (onion wedges, minced garlic and cumin, etc.) (directions below)
  • Homemade refried beans: 1-2 cans whole pinto beans and 1-2 Tbsp. lard, Crisco or vegetable oil (directions also below)
  • Toppings: sour cream, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes
  • Sides: green salsa verde, picante, cholula (Mexican equivalent of ketchup)


Cooking the chicken

  1. Place the 4-5 chicken breasts into a Crock-Pot with the half-cup water or chicken broth, and your flavorings, like onion wedges, minced garlic and cumin.
  2. Cook for five to six hours or until the chicken shreds easily with a fork.

Making the refrieds

  1. Warm one or two cans' worth of whole pinto beans (depending on how many guests you're expecting) in a heavy-bottomed skillet or pan on medium-high heat.
  2. Add the 1-2 Tbsp of lard, Crisco or vegetable oil to the pan. Allow the oil to heat until just sizzling.
  3. Pour the beans (including the liquid) into the pan. Let the beans gently simmer for four to five minutes and then reduce the heat to medium-low. Stir the beans frequently so that they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. (You may want to add 1/4 cup water or chicken broth to the beans.)
  4. Continue cooking for 10-15 minutes or until the beans absorb most of the liquid. At this point, you can either mash some of the beans with a heavy spoon in the pan, or remove the beans from the pan and blend using a hand-mixer; then return to the pan.

Assembling the nachos

  1. Layer a large plate with nachos and then beans, chicken pieces and, finally, cheese. Microwave each plate for 45 to 60 seconds on full power or until all of the cheese is melted.
  2. Top servings with the sour cream, shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes.
  3. Serve with the green salsa verde, picante or cholula

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