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2012 Mom Approved Docs

Discover the best family health-care providers in southeast Michigan – in Metro Parent readers’ own words.

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Parag P. Patel, M.D.

Silver Pine Family Physicians
15959 Hall Road, Suite 110, Macomb Township
"Dr. Patel answers my questions like a parent, not a doctor. He knows how to talk to my girls without scaring them and always finds time to answer their questions about being a doctor, the tools he uses and anything else they come up with!" – Anne, Warren

Zoy Patouhas, M.D.

Mali & Mali Pediatrics PC
44199 Dequindre Road, Suite 502, Troy
"She is so good with our son. She is very laid-back and personable. She takes time to really listen and answer all questions or concerns we have." – Jennifer, Romeo

David Peters, M.D.

Dearborn Family Physicians
23870 Michigan Ave., Dearborn
"He has been there through the good times and helped me through the bad. With having two boys ages 4 and 8, it can be quite an adventure. With the falls, coughs, fevers and my boys' fave things – shots – he has made it a pleasant trip to the doctor. The office staff is great and if they can't get us in, the nurses talk me through anything until they can see us." – Nicole, Dearborn

Ligia M. Pop, M.D.

Henry Ford Medical Center
29200 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia
"She is so calm and sweet with my kids and makes you, the parent, feel like you can ask questions and not feel stupid for acking them." – Samantha, Livonia

Rick A. Poston, D.O.

Woodhaven Pediatrics
22995 Hall Road, Woodhaven
"We see all the providers in his office. We love and trust them all – especially Jodee Thornley, his nurse practicioner. She has treated my 2- and 3-year-old sons since birth and treats them like family. Neither one of my boys is afraid to go to the doctor's; they actually look forward to it." – Tara, Southgate

Pradeep Prabhu, M.D.

Henry Ford Medical Center
24555 Haig St., Taylor
"Dr. Prabhu is great with the kids from birth through the teen years. He effectively communicates with both the children and parents in terms that everyone can understand. He is very respectful of parents' concerns surrounding vaccines and exhibits some knowledge of alternative medicine/therapies. When needed, he is proactive (yet disciplined) in ordering tests and prescribing medications and will provide referrals to specialists. Both Dr. Prabhu and staff are excellent in following up and make accomodations for same/next-day appointments as needed. The other doctors in the pediatric team are great partners in covering for each other in the delivery of excellent and timely care. He seems to be abreast of new medical developments – which may be complemented by his wife, who is a teaching doctor." – Heather, Riverview

Ann Pullukat, M.D.

35 S. Johnson St., Suite 2C, Pontiac
"Dr. Ann was my doctor as a child. She is amazing and great at her job. Dr. Ann is very loving and cares about the children, and she goes above and beyond to make sure your children get well and stay well. She is dedicated and I trust her. Dr. Ann has been there for me spiritually: When I lost a child at birth, she prayed for me. When my son Khylil was born, she came to the hospital and assisted with his care plan to make sure he survived – and he did. I thank Dr. Ann for never giving up on premature and special needs children when others say there is no hope! Dr. Ann Pullukat is loved by hundreds of families, and we are one of them." – Natoshya, Pontiac

Garrett Purman, M.D.

Edgewood Center Pediatrics
8896 Commerce Road., Suite 5, Commerce Township
"Dr. Purman is a caring doctor who truly loves his job! He knows how to make the children laugh, since a doctor visit can sometimes be a frightening experience for them." – Christina, Commerce Township

Sheila Rao, M.D.

Cornerstone-Lakeview Pediatrics
46591 Romeo Plank Road, Suite 112, Macomb
"Dr. Rao is a fantastic pediatrician because she is kind and caring and has a special talent for connecting with children, as well as their parents. Most importantly, she is so smart! She really knows her field. Our family, with three children, has personally benefitted from her keen perception and professional advice. We love Dr. Rao of Cornerstone Pediatrics!" – Jill, Macomb

Alita R. Rice, M.D.

Nurture Pediatrics & Wellness
1555 S. Blvd. E., Suite 390, Rochester Hills
"Dr. Rice knows our family – not just what is listed in my children's medical chart. She knows each of their personalities, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes. I believe this helps her to better diagnose and care for my children." – Kristin, Southfield

Regina Rizk, M.D.

Oakland Pediatrics
100 N. Pond Drive, Suite E, Walled Lake
"She is always there when I need her. I can call her after-hours for questions. She is not bothered and very helpful. She gets me into special doctors' offices fast when there is an emergency. She is very helpful with my youngest, who has Down syndrome. For my family, she is the best doctor who takes her job and title seriously. You are not a number there, and also her staff assistants and nurse are very friendly and patient with you." – Dorothea, Wixom

Susan Sauber, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Medical Center Pediatrics
31600 Telegraph Road, Suite 100, Bingham Farms
"My kids love visiting their pediatrician. She's personable, funny and more than competent. We recommend her to everyone!" – Rachel, Southfield

Esha O. Sayed, M.D.

Henry Ford Medical Center Pediatrics
6530 Farmington Road, West Bloomfield
"She is very polite, extremely gentle and just all around GREAT with my kids. She is also very encouraging to me as a parent; she commends me for taking great care of my kids and doing the right things!" – Maria, Novi

Daniel A. Schnaar, M.D.

Child Health Associates, PC
31182 Haggerty Road, Farmington Hills
"Dr. Schnaar has always been attentive and thorough during office visits, whether annual check-ups or sick visits. Feel very comfortable trusting him my children's health!" – Sarah, Milford

Kanti H. Shah, M.D.

814 N. Macomb St., Monroe
Pediatrics and Allergies
"He showed me and my kids respect and dignity and listened to me when I had concerns – always answering my questions. (Even if they were silly, first-time mom questions.) He took great care of my family!" – Teresa, Carleton

Mitul Shah, M.D.

Exclusive Physicians, PLLC
911 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale
"Very kind, always ready to help at any time of the day, always gives the right choice of medications. His treatment is always effective." – Mira, Novi

Evandro Silveira, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Medical Center Pediatrics
5793 W. Maple Road, Suite 153, West Bloomfield
"Dr. Silveira is very kind and intelligent. He always willing to listen and gives us the time we need." – Denise, Orchard Lake

Janet Snider, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Medical Center Pediatrics
31600 Telegraph Road, Suite 100, Bingham Farms
"Dr. Snider is WONDERFUL with all three of our children, and she is an amazing diagnostician." – Lesley, Huntington Woods

Lisa Sprague, M.D.

IHA Canton Family Medicine
49650 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 210, Canton
"Dr. Sprauge is AWESOME! She makes you feel like her only person to see, and like your child is amazing. She always goes above and beyond. She calls with test results. My daughter had special needs as a baby and Dr. Sprauge even came in before the office opened to get us in to see her. We love her and recommend everyone to her!" – Jamie, New Boston

Laura A. Stewart, M.D.

St. John Children's Center Pediatrics & Specialties
17900 23 Mile Road, Suite 304, Macomb Township
"She is amazing with my daughter. She is energetic and can get my daughter to do things for her, is spot-on with her diagnosis and doesn't play around. She gets things done and makes sure I know and understand everything that is going on." – Magan, Clinton Township

Anna Strumba, M.D., F.A.A.P.

West Bloomfield Pediatrics, PLLC
6400 Farmington Road, West Bloomfield
"Dr. Strumba is very empathetic. Being a new mom, I have all kinds of worries and concerns, but she never makes me feel silly or brushes off questions I might have. Plus, she is a certified lactation consultant, which is a HUGE bonus, since I am a full-time nursing mom! My 11-month-old daughter has also not cried once while in her care." – Sarah, Livonia

Jennifer Supol, D.O.

Southfield Pediatrics
31500 Telegraph Road, Bingham Farms
"Dr. Jennifer Supol is very caring, has great communication skills, compassion and convenience. She also follows up when you have a concern about your child." – La Tanya, Novi

Dionisia Sy, M.D.

Downriver Pediatric Associates, PC
23050 West Road, Brownstown
"Dr. Sy is the absolute best doctor my girls have ever had! She is always kind and understanding. She listens to every little concern and doesn't rush you through your appointment. She makes me feel like my girls are her only patients. Her grandson and my youngest daughter both have asthma and allergies. I really enjoy the fact that we are able to swap recipes as well as coping skills." – Tobi, Brownstown Township

S. Rao Talla, M.D.

17356 W. 12 Mile Road, Southfield
"Dr. Talla is very attentive, he listens SUPER well and has proven himself to be a wonderful doctor and family friend. My kids LOVE Dr. Talla." – Janice, Southfield

Mark Thomas, M.D.

Premier Pediatrics
7210 N. Main St., Suite 205, Clarkston
"He has been the only doctor I have trusted to treat my daughter. Since Day One, he has been professional yet friendly, welcoming, caring and knowledgable – and my daughter has always felt at ease around him." – Dawn, Clarkston

Nancy A. Treece, M.D.

Detroit Riverview Pediatrics, PC
10201 E. Jefferson Ave., Suite 201, Detroit
"My kids adore her. They love coming to visit." – Christell, Detroit

Matriosca N. Umlauf, M.D.

2331 Monroe St., Dearborn
"Dr. Umlauf is great! She is very thorough, knowledgable and puts our kids at ease each and every time we see her. She also takes the time to listen to our concerns as parents and doesn't make us feel dumb for asking questions, no matter how trivial they may be." – Joslyn, Dearborn

Salvatore Ventimiglia, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Shelby Pediatrics
15125 22 Mile Road, Shelby Township
"Dr. Ventimiglia takes the time to know you and your child. Your child is not just another number to him. He has wonderful bedside manner and always takes the time to explain things! We love him and recommend him to other parents all the time." – Corinne, Shelby Township

Matthew Waier, M.D.

IHA Child Health
3100 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 100, Ann Arbor
"Dr. Waier is an engaging doctor. He is great with my son, funny, caring and comforting. Always a pleasant visit." – Kelly, Belleville

Lee M. Weinstein, M.D.

Child Health Associates, PC
1800 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 200, Troy
"Dr. Weinstein is wonderful! He has the most soothing and calm voice and demeanor about him that makes my children feel calm and comfortable. He answers your questions without making you feel silly about asking them. My kids love him – he is awesome!" – Christina, Bloomfield Hills

Stacey Wittenberg, M.D.

Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center
3270 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 400, Troy
"Dr. Stacey has a wonderful personality and an excellent rapport with both parents and children. She always answers all of this first-time mom's questions. Her approach works well for our family, and we are so glad to have found this practice." – Kristin, Berkley

Maria Wozniak, M.D.

Eastman & Wozniak M.D., PC
2055 E. 14 Mile Road, Birmingham
"Dr. Wozniak is so wonderful! She is very caring and has a wonderful bedside manner. She always takes time out to ask how our family is doing and what's new in our lives. Dr. Wozniak has been our doctor for 11-plus years. I actually get excited when one of our four kids has an upcoming appointment. She is like family to us, in my mind. My selfish fear is that she will one day retire!" – Amanda, Beverly Hills

Susan Youngs, M.D.

Center for Exceptional Families
18501 Rotunda Drive, Dearborn
"Dr. Youngs and her staff take all the time in the world to let my child and I know how much she truly cares about him and his health – both mentally and physically. She and her staff treat him as an individual with empathy, compassion and professionalism. She never gives up with challenges. Dr. Youngs is also truly there for parents who worry. She helps parents connect with school and any other resources to help a child achieve and improve." – Charmain, Brownstown

Austin Yu, M.D.

15777 Northline Road, Southgate
"Dr. Yu is amazing! You can tell he truly loves his job by the way he will take the time to talk to you, as well as the kids, and we just enjoy him as our peditrician." – Allison, Brownstown

Robert R. Zaid, D.O.

PrimeCare of Novi
39555 W. 10 Mile Road, Suite 302, Novi
"Dr. Zaid's practice is truly for the whole family – from children to adults. Dr. Zaid treats our family with respect and dignity and provides personal attention. There is no rushing, and we don't feel like we're just another patient on his list. He has even made occasional house calls – and I will never forget the time my 2-year-old daughter had a LEGO stuck in her nose! I immediately called Dr. Zaid's office so that I could bring my daughter in to have the LEGO, which was lodged inside of her nostril, removed. Dr. Zaid was so comforting and kind enough to wait for me to get to his office – especially since he was getting ready to take his wife and children to the airport for their vacation. The compassion he has for his patients is nothing I have seen in any other practice. In my family's eyes, Dr. Zaid is our superhero!" – Janelle, West Bloomfield

Najeeb Zoubi, M.D.

Children's Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center
5635 W. Maple Road, West Bloomfield
"When my son was born in 2011, he struggled to gain weight. We went to visit with Dr. Zoubi. He made our worries less stressful and his kind, gentle manner had a calming effect on us. When my son developed respiratory issues, Dr. Zoubi and his physician's assistant jumped right in and helped me find the right doctor. I have found a compassionate, caring, gentle doctor who I think is the BEST GI doctor in Michigan." – Pamela, West Bloomfield

Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Neal Alpiner, M.D.

4949 Coolidge Highway, Royal Oak
"Dr. Alpiner is a phenomenal doctor! He always listens to my concerns, answers all my questions and truly cares about his patients. He has always been very thorough with my son and I never feel rushed during our appointments. He is very knowledgeable and provides great recommendations for treatment for my son. I am very greatful that our pediatrician referred us to Dr. Alpiner!" – Barbara, Macomb


Thomas Belken, D.P.M.

Foot HealthCare Associates
26850 Providence Parkway, Suite 502, Novi
"He seems to be able to connect with our young boys and make them feel comfortable!" – Joshua, Novi


Barbara A. Foley, Ph.D.

31275 Northwestern Highway, Suite 150, Farmington Hills
"Dr. Foley helped us through a very dark time in our lives, when our child was chronically ill and subsequently died. She was available to us at all times of the day and night, helped us through our grief, and helped us parent our other children when we were struggling. She focused on the skills we had and those we needed to develop, and always made us feel valued, respected and cared for. We appreciate her warmth and sensitivity as we work our way back from this horrible tragedy; she has been, and continues to be, a wonderful guide." – Bethany, Brighton

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