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Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Can't find the right words to tell your husband, loved ones and Facebook friends your good news? Try one of these 15 unique ideas for announcing that you're expecting.

Whether you're on your first kid or your fourth, finding out you're pregnant is an awesome moment. Figuring out a fun way to tell family and friends the news, however, can be a little trickier. You could scream it from the rooftops like you know you want to, or blurt out "I'm pregnant" at the next family party, but where's the fun in that? If you are looking for a fun, unique or even a hilarious way to announce your news, check out these ideas for telling your husband, family and Facebook friends!


First up, telling daddy. Not sure how to find the right words? Check out one of these ideas.

First Father's Day Card

Celebrate dad's day by making a hand-written note with a message from the baby that features your due date. Include the pregnancy test, or a picture of the pregnancy test for added clarification, in case dad doesn't get it.

Belly bump

You'll have to get a bit more creative with this one, but the in-your-face reaction is worth the effort. Write "Hello Daddy" or Baby on Board" on your tummy and put on a favorite shirt. Use your creative side and find a reason to get your hubby to look at your tummy. When he lifts up your shirt to check it out, he'll be in for a big surprise.

Dinner for Three

While daddy-to-be is away at work, cook him his favorite meal. Set the table and, using non-toxic acrylic marker, write "We're pregnant" on his plate or in his cup. Make sure that you have used the marker correctly and the ink is set before placing the food on the plate. Have the food set on the plate before he sits down to eat. Once he has finished, he will see your hidden message.

Sugary surprise

As baby grows, mommy grows, and why should mommy gain all the weight? Give dad sugar shock with a bag full of candy that shows he's going to get his baby belly, too!

Get him a gift

Do a simple Google search and you will find tons of gifts for dad that could double as a pregnancy reveal. Find one of them and hide it in his briefcase, car or wherever else he might find it. A simple baby onesie could work, too.


Now that dad has been informed and the shell shock has worn off, it's time to tell your family and close friends. Try one of these creative ways!

Bun in the Oven

Invite your family or friends over for dinner, but before they arrive place a hamburger bun inside of your oven. Once they arrive call a select few into the kitchen to help you with dinner and ask them to take the "food" out of the oven. Stand back and see who gets it first!

Big Brother or Sister

If you have other small children, this is the perfect one for you. Find or make a shirt that says (or implies) they are going to be a big brother or sister. Have them wear it at the next family get-together.

I'm Pregnant!

Set up a group photo for all of your friends and relatives to be in, but instead of them yelling "Cheese," have them yell, "Jessica is pregnant!" for example. Simply insert your name! Not only will they be in shock, but you will also have their reaction captured forever.

Bring Dessert

This one's pretty simple. Head to a family dinner with plain pink and blue cupcakes and see who is quickest to pick up on your sweet news

Gift a Binky

If you can't get your family together, try gifting a pacifier. Buy inexpensive ones and wrap them up in a pretty box with pink and blue tissue paper. Include a note to keep it there for when baby visits and expect excited phone calls in a few weeks.



Once all of your loved ones know, let the rest of the world know with one of these great ideas for a Facebook photo or post.

Incorporate Fido

After all, pets are part of the family, so why not put Fido in the picture that announces that his family is growing. Have the "big sister" or "big brother" pose with a pregnancy book, a pair of baby shoes or a sign with your due date.

Family Fun

Have some sort of activity that brings you together as a couple? Why not announce your pregnancy while using it. Sports equipment or video game controllers could work for this. Shoes or seasonal items could work too, if you prefer.

Do Math

Use the whole family for a math equation. Dad with the older kids, plus mom and the new baby equals … It's a simple, yet cute idea.

Use a Chalkboard

Find a cute chalkboard and go wild decorating it with information about your newest addition and have the whole family pose with it.

Display your Test

Keep your pregnancy test and set up a photo shoot. Create a heart with your hands over your positive test or incorporate dad in the picture. There are tons of options here.


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