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Top Bike Trails in Southeast Michigan

These paths provide a natural cure for boredom and perfect opportunity to get your family on the fast track to a healthier lifestyle. Get the details for 2014-15.

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The bike craze has taken off across America like a rocket – and southeast Michigan is no exception! Now more than ever, it is less of a trend and more of a habit to incorporate this "green" way of transportation into everyday life, whether it's to work (if you're lucky!) or just some family fun around the neighborhood.

Get your family pedaling at some of these hotspots to bike throughout metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. To compile this list, Metro Parent chatted with experts at Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance to find some popular routes and off-the-beaten-path options. We also included Huron-Clinton Metroparks and a few other popular family areas in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties (and you can find a few more ideas over at the TrailLink Rails-to-Trails Conservancy).

So grab your handlebars and hold on tight for a summer of scenic fun and exploration!

Border To Border Trail

This route spans 35 miles in Washtenaw County along the edge of the Huron River. Currently, 10-plus miles of paved shared-use paths exist, with much more to come! Along the way, you'll find recreation and river access, including Gallup Park in Ann Arbor and the Ford Lake Overlook in Ypsilanti Township.

Clinton River Trail

The West Bloomfield Trail and Macomb Orchard Trail are connected by the Clinton River Trail. These 16 miles of partly-paved and limestone path run east to west through central Oakland County, along a former rail line (it spans Sylvan Lake, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills and Rochester). It will eventually be a part of the larger Great Lake-to-Lake Trail, to span South Haven to Port Huron.

Corktown Bike Lanes

More than 16 miles of new bike lanes link Corktown and Southwest Detroit (Mexicantown) in the city of the Detroit. This route is part of 400-plus miles of lanes in the city. The Southwest Detroit lanes connect to Patton Park. This network also ties in with the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route Detroit Alternate, which goes through Detroit, around Lake St. Clair and elsewhere, with many historic sites along the way (for more serious bikers).

Detroit RiverWalk and Dequindre Cut Greenway

The Detroit RiverFront is the pristine place for a family ride. Rent or buy a bike – and sign up for a tour – at Wheelhouse Detroit, located conveniently on the RiverWalk. The Dequindre Cut is a 1.35-mile shortcut fit for walking, jogging and biking. It runs parallel to St. Aubin Street and boasts a 20-foot-wide pathway with lanes for bikes and pedestrians. Hop on the Cut at Lafayette Street, Gratiot Avenue and Woodbridge Street. For more fun, refresh at the RiverWalk Cafe, Detroit RiverFront Playpark, Cullen Family Carousel and Mt. Elliott area splash feature.

Downriver Linked Greenways Initiative

These trail segments connect places like Lake Erie Metropark, cities like Detroit and Dearborn, and other areas in Wayne, Oakland and Monroe counties. This idea is to link local communities with environmentally and budget-friendly lanes and bikeways. It'll ultimately connect 250 miles of trail, including over 26 downriver cities and townships.

Hudson Mills Metropark

Take in the scenery of wetlands and wildlife as you bike the two-mile Acorn Nature Trail. Feeling more adventurous? Try the paved, 10-foot wide, 5.3-mile hike/bike trail, offering a great view of the Huron River and natural woodlands. Located in Dexter 12 miles northwest of Ann Arbor. Requires a $7/vehicle day pass or $30/annual (allows access to all other 13 Huron-Clinton Metroparks, too).

Huron Valley Trail

This vast network connects you to 25 miles of other trails, including Kensington Metropark in Milford, the James F. Atchison Memorial Park in Lyon Township and Lyon Oaks County Park in Wixom. It is completely paved with different areas offering beginner and more challenging paths.

I-275 Metro Trail

Open since the 1970s, this trail covers 26 miles and has received considerable TLC over the years. There are a variety of entry points; the path is paved and indeed skirts the expressway (it's set aside by a concrete wall and buffer). Eye on Michigan notes that most improvements are north of I-94; use caution on this stretch too, though, because it also crosses high-traffic main roads.

Indian Springs Metropark

While biking eight miles of paved trail, you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful Huron River and its surrounding natural wooded wetlands and grassy meadows. There's even a "challenging hill" for those who want to test their endurance a bit! Located nine miles northwest of Pontiac in White Lake, this spot is known for a diverse range of wildlife, too, from coyote to red fox. Requires a $7/vehicle day pass or $30/annual (allows access to all other 13 Huron-Clinton Metroparks, too).

Kensington Metropark

This popular Milford park is home to an array of wildlife and hilly terrain. Take a trip along its eight-and-a-half-mile path that features gentle hills, "a few challenging inclines" and plenty of great views of the wooded land surrounding Kent Lake. It's open 6 a.m.-10 p.m. Requires a $7/vehicle day pass or $30/annual (allows access to all other 13 Huron-Clinton Metroparks, too).

Lake St. Clair Metropark

Not far from Mount Clemens, take a chill ride on a three-mile paved hike-bike route with views of beautiful Lake St. Clair (be sure to stop at the gazebo to check out Huron Point). At the entrance, the path even links to a trail tracing Metro Parkway (the main road leading into the park), so if you live nearby, there's a chance you can bike home! Requires a $7/vehicle day pass or $30/annual (allows access to all other 13 Huron-Clinton Metroparks, too).

Lakeshore Park

Before or after biking this 10-mile trail in Novi, hit the beach and park, too, to play with the family. Parking is available, and intermediate to challenging bike paths are available. Visit the trailhead at 601 S. Lake Drive for any questions. Parking for the beach is $5/nonresidents. Park hours are 8 a.m.-9:30 p.m.; beach is open 10 a.m.-7 p.m. in summer (from day school lets out till Labor Day).

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Aug 2, 2013 08:23 am
 Posted by  elles belles

Some great trails. Can't wait to check them out!

May 8, 2014 12:09 pm
 Posted by  jeremysart

I'm surprised it wasn't already posted, but there is a great trail down here that is over 27 miles round trip, connecting Hurock Park to Oakwood Metro Park, Oakwood to Willow, and Willow to Lower Huron. It is a beautiful scenic trail that takes you along the winding Huron River.

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