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Top Teacher Award Nominations 2012

Metro Parent asked southeast Michigan parents to tell us which teachers have made a difference in your child's life. Check out all the 2012 nominees and see what moms and dads had to say!

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"I am delighted Mrs. Del Pizzo has embraced the Society of Automotive Engineers' A World In Motion program and offered her second grade class, and my son, the opportunity to experience a new adaptation in learning. Throughout the duration of the program, Mrs. Del Pizzo was in constant communication and collaborating on new ideas as she built on the science principles offered in the course. Mrs. Del Pizzo demonstrated impressive organizational skills in class preparation and preparing of materials. Her remarkable communication of the concepts to her students made it fun for them to learn engineering. Her overall commitment to expand on ideas and use of materials to help her students understand the lesson plans was well received by them. Mrs. Del Pizzo created excitement in the classroom that fully engaged her students. Her influence and dedication to teaching has an impact on her students and gave them another avenue to learn and prepare for the future."

– Paul, Canton

"Mrs. Del Pizzo is a second grade teacher and a prime example of teaching to the student and not the class. Her empathy and commitment to each child's educational growth and their sense of self is remarkable. My husband is also a teacher, and he describes her as a 'phenomenal teacher.' I feel incredibly lucky that my son, Miles, has an educator who so wholly understands and respects him. By being in her classroom and observing her grace in action, I have decided to return to school to obtain my master's in teaching. Here is a teacher who is respected by her peers, inspires parents and is loved by her students. I can honestly say that I believe she deserves to be Metro Parent's Top Teacher; she's certainly the best in my book."

– Amy, Redford

"Mrs. Del Pizzo is a very fine second grade teacher. She has inspired my child through The Society of Automotive Engineers' A World In Motion program. Mrs. Del Pizzo has gone out of her way to bring engineers into the classroom to work with her students in small groups throughout this school year. My child has built paper helicopters and tissue parachutes, graphed, charted, analyzed and created. My daughter says that she knows how to 'think like an engineer' now! Mrs. Del Pizzo always takes lessons just one step farther by brining in guest speakers. WJR's helicopter pilot Joel Alexander came in to speak to the class about aerodynamics, and a Green Beret spread out his gigantic parachute on the playground for the children to see just how thin and large an Army parachute really is. Mrs. Del Pizzo is able to identify and help students at all different ability levels. She challenges gifted and talented students with creative and engaging projects, while she supports struggling students by gently supporting them through reading levels and offering free after-school tutoring. I am impressed with how well Mrs. Del Pizzo communicates with parents. Not only does she have an open-door policy in her classroom with volunteers, but she also makes parents want to be in the classroom with all of the excitement that our children come home with. Mrs. Del Pizzo keeps an up-to-date website that keeps all of us informed on what is happening in the classroom. I also receive regular text messages reminding me about spirit days, retreat meetings and field trip reminders. What teacher cares that much about her children? As a working mother, I deeply appreciate the reminders and extra support! I don't know what we are going to do without her in third grade! Mrs. Del Pizzo does so much for our children. I certainly hope that she can be recognized in some way by Metro Parent. I have never met anyone who deserves it more!"

– Ingrid, Livonia

"Our daughter was a student in Christina Del Pizzo's second grade class for the 2010-11 school year. Mrs. Del Pizzo employed a variety of learning techniques in the classroom that allowed our child to progress quickly in several subjects. Her communications with the parents were timely, concise and provided in different formats that made staying informed easy. She was very welcoming to all parents to spend time in the classroom, whenever busy schedules would allow. As a working mother, I greatly appreciated this open invitation to be an active participant in the learning environment. Above all else, Mrs. Del Pizzo displayed amazing insight and awareness into the group and social dynamics of her students. She was very proactive in reaching out to parents with concerns and worked collaboratively to find solutions that met the needs of the school and of the family. Her positive attitude continually reinforced our decision to send our daughter to St. Michael School as the best decision we could have made. Mrs. Del Pizzo is a wonderful educator, and it was a great school year for our family."

– Catherine, Livonia

Ms. Chatters

Vernor Elementary, Detroit

"I would love to nominate Ms. Chatters, the pre-K teacher at Vernor Elementary, because she is a phenomenal teacher, instructor, advisor and friend. Her interaction with the students and parents are of something I haven't witnessed before. She guides the children in the right path of growing and education. She teaches them to become leaders and not followers, how to gain independence, self-control, discipline, patience and self-confidence. She is in the process of teaching the children how to read, operate computers, how to speak, read and understand English and Spanish. Ms. Chatters also allows the students to explore different nationalities and teaches them we are all the same. Ms. Chatters is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her for this award."

– Morgan, Detroit

Kathleen Frame

Rosedale Elementary, Livonia

"Mrs. Frame was new to Rosedale Elementary this school year. Needless to say, my daughter was a little apprehensive at the beginning of the school year to have a teacher she knew absolutely nothing about. But Mrs. Frame is a warm and loving teacher. She is open to using various methods to help teach the kids in her classroom. She didn't settle for using the old method of prepared spelling test. Instead she utilizes word 'study' for groups of children, which allows all the kids to progress in spelling. As a parent, I appreciate the fact that she takes the time to write comments and notes to her students on a daily basis. Her words of encouragement and praise do so much to inspire. Regardless if Mrs. Frame wins an award or not for her teaching, she will forever be a winner and inspiration to me and to the many children who were fortunate enough to have sat in her classroom."

– Karen, Westland

Lori Coleman

Forest Elementary, Riverview

"Every child has that ONE teacher who turns the light bulb on for them, who gets them like no one else, that once-in-a-lifetime teacher. For my daughter, it was Mrs. Coleman. My daughter went from a girl whose eyes welled up with tears every morning because she disliked school so much to a girl that was running and smiling and anxious to get to school, all because of Mrs. Coleman. She goes above and beyond to get to each child and figure out what makes each one tick and makes each child feel like she/he is her favorite, even though they are all treated equally special. Mrs. Coleman still gets in touch with me to see how my daughter is doing, has advice on great websites, etc. She never stops being her teacher, even though she has moved onto the next grade. I know my daughter does not yet appreciate what she had in Mrs. Coleman, but I sure do. One day, when my daughter has kids of her own and her child has that one special teacher who is THE teacher to him/her, then she will know all that Mrs. Coleman did for her and every other student that has had the privilege to sit in her classroom. Every child deserves a teacher like Mrs. Coleman at least once in the life!"

– Deborah, Romulus

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May 9, 2012 12:40 pm
 Posted by  Kristina

My son Jaxon is currently in Mrs. Ricci's Kindergarten classroom. She is so loving and patient. She challenges her children and keeps them moving forward. She works with each child at there level and keeps them moving forward. She inspires them to learn and to love learning. My son just loves her!

May 22, 2012 11:56 pm
 Posted by  looghe

My son had Wayne Janda for 3rd grade at Pinewood, he has got to be the best teacher he has had so far. His grades were great he excelled in math. I could not have asked for a better teacher. He is one of those
teachers who makes learning exciting and fun. If a child was having a hard time he goes the extra mile to help.

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