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Top Teacher Award Nominations 2012

Metro Parent asked southeast Michigan parents to tell us which teachers have made a difference in your child's life. Check out all the 2012 nominees and see what moms and dads had to say!

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Ms. Carson

Communication and Media Arts High School, Detroit

"Ms. Carson is my nominee because she is a very great person and techer. She relates to us in so many ways. She's not just a teacher who could care less about our education; she is a kind-hearted woman who has a big dream for us to become succesful in our future, and has an even bigger heart. She is the best teacher I've had yet, next to my mother, who is also a teacher."

– Dajae, Detroit

Carolyn McPherson

Munger Middle School, Detroit

"I love Mrs. McPherson because she was trying to tell us about the future with and without education. I'm so happy I listened. I became a teacher because of her. She somehow was able to educate a classroom full of hormone-driven, smart-mouthed know-it-alls. We all love her; we may not have understood then, but we do now."

– Carolyn, Detroit

Amanda Kalinowsky

South Canton Scholars Academy, Canton

"Mrs. Kalinowsky teaches first grade with an abundance of positive praise that motivates her students to want to learn. She sets clear expectations and keeps the tone of the room upbeat – and yet quiet. Her effort to teach the students to work independently is clearly paying off, because they know what to do and have the encouragement they need to be successful. Mrs. Kalinowsky provides specific feedback to her students who are part of setting their own learning goals. Her students feel empowered and focused. Mrs. Kalinowsky has the right combination of happiness, warmth, structure and discipline to offer her students the chance to reach their potential."

– Lauren, Plymouth

Dwayne Dorey

St. Linus Catholic School, Dearborn Heights

"Getting one 5-year-old to listen can feel like an accomplishment. Getting 25 5-year-olds to listen, share, imagine, learn and work together is nothing short of magic. Dwayne Dorey does just that in his classroom and somehow manages to make it look easy. With a combination of patience, enthusiasm, heart and what is obviously a genuine love for teaching, Mr. Dorey earns his students' trust and respect and creates an environment where students feel that they're respected, too. He empowers them with knowledge, encourages them to dream and create, challenges them to grow and celebrates their individual achievements. While he does make this all look easy, there's no questioning the time that he puts into his classroom and the school. Mr. Dorey is there at every parent-teacher meeting and every school fundraiser. He's making phone calls on a Saturday afternoon to plan an upcoming classroom activity and answering parent emails at 10 p.m. Mr. Dorey's light is often the last one on in the school as he plans and prepares another lesson designed to keep a classroom full of curious kindergartners engaged and excited to learn. For his heart, dedication and the impact that he makes on each of his students, Dwayne Dorey deserves to be recognized as a Top Teacher."

– Christine, Dearborn Heights

Other Counties

Anne Prill

Rolland-Warner Middle School, Lapeer

"Mrs. Prill is an amazing science teacher. To keep the children engaged, she will get up and walk on the desks if need be. She teaches with excitement and enthusiasm – so much so that when one of the elective classes has her name attached, students sign up in droves. One the same account, students have been known to request schedule changes when a new teacher is unexpectedly reassigned to teach the class. Mrs. Prill is also one of the student council advisers – teaching leadership and life skills to top students. Additionally, she is one of the cross-country coaches and assists her husband in leading the track team as well. There is no doubt that this highly involved teacher deserves recognition."

– Jenine, Metamora

Tonya Powers

State Road Elementary, Fenton

"Mrs. Powers is a phenomenal kindergarten teacher. She makes each kid feel smart and special and genuinely cares for every single one. Mrs. Powers actually sees the great character traits in each student and celebrates it. She could tell you any given day a specific fact, favorite color or story or a special skill that one of her 24 students has. She pays attention and notices what makes each child wonderful and unique. Mrs. Powers not only helps these children learn such things like how to read and do math, but she also makes it fun – often with singing! My daughter is always singing the new things she has learned, which will help her remember the information forever. She also teaches beyond those subjects, such as how to be a helpful member of the community and how to be a caring and compassionate friend. She helps the parents feel comfortable with the transition of sending their babies off to kindergarten, while striving to give the kids the confidence to be more and more independent with each passing month. She carries a wonderful routine that the kids expect and love, and has expectations for the children that they rise to everyday. Not only is she a teacher; she's also a mother, which she shows each day through her teaching as well – caring for each student, looking out for them and having the unconditional love that often comes with being a parent. Mrs. Powers is a fabulous teacher, and we have been lucky to have her as my daughter's first teacher ever, now that she is an official 'big kid' in elementary school. Mrs. Powers is more than deserving to win an award for being the best teacher, and I hope I was able to fully express how wonderful she is, and how fitting this award would be."

– Rachel, Holly

Bernice Chapel

St. Patrick's School, Brighton

"Mrs. Chapel's kind and caring personality allowed me to become open-minded to mathematics. She was a teacher for many years by the time I was her student. Those years of experience provided her with the patience and teaching style that was a constant inspiration for me to want to enthusiastically learn math. Since Mrs. Chapel, no other math teacher has ever come close to helping me grasp the difficult principles of math. I am always thankful that Mrs. Chapel provided me with the fundamental building blocks that allow me to be successful in math today."

– Julie, Howell

Holly Jenuwine

North Branch Elementary, North Branch

"Mrs. Jenuwine is such a nice and caring teacher. She is so great with her students. My daughter tells me almost every evening (out of the blue) how much she just loves and adores her teacher. She is just the perfect first grade teacher, if you ask me."

– Laura, North Branch

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May 9, 2012 12:40 pm
 Posted by  Kristina

My son Jaxon is currently in Mrs. Ricci's Kindergarten classroom. She is so loving and patient. She challenges her children and keeps them moving forward. She works with each child at there level and keeps them moving forward. She inspires them to learn and to love learning. My son just loves her!

May 22, 2012 11:56 pm
 Posted by  looghe

My son had Wayne Janda for 3rd grade at Pinewood, he has got to be the best teacher he has had so far. His grades were great he excelled in math. I could not have asked for a better teacher. He is one of those
teachers who makes learning exciting and fun. If a child was having a hard time he goes the extra mile to help.

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