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September 2012

Metro Parent Magazine
Table of Contents


CoverKids Readers Choice
You get to pick: Which of these 10 kids will make the cut?


School Style
Print: Geek chic and other A+ fall fashions deliver the attitude kids want, from prep to punk

Crime & Punishment
Print: Striking that balance between Tiger Mom and permission parent
Web: We know what the No. 1 parenting discipline tactic is – and we're spilling!

Where Are Kids' Manners?
Print: Teaching proper social skills and etiquette still matters
Web: If you're looking for a few good manners books, our list has you covered

'Crowning' Glory
Print: Find out why the birth photography trend is picking up steam
Web: Check out our new ancillary, Pink + Blue, for lots of baby and toddler resources


Bits & Briefs
Teen Driving Decline hits Michigan, D-YES's Eco-Mission, College Savings Month, New Healthy Kids Drink and more

Make It-Craft
Milk Jug Poetry: This clever DIY spin on Magnetic Poetry is perfect for little kids' hands

Metro Mom
Supreme Court candidate and Ann Arbor mom of four teens Bridget McCormack is one busy lady


Little Ones
Choking prevention for babies and toddlers

Big Kids
Emotional abuse has big impact on kids, American Academy of Pediatrics finds


Family Fun Guide
Calendar of events

Let's Go
Grand Cayman Island packs in sea turtles, incredible food and loads of family fun


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