AirTime Trampoline & Game Park in Southeast Michigan

This indoor play spot has jump time fun that lets kids bounce off the walls, literally! It has locations in Canton/Westland, Sterling Heights and Troy.

AirTime Trampoline and Game Park in Southeast Michigan

Wanna get airborne? Southeast Michigan kids can jump around – to their hearts’ content – at the state’s first indoor trampoline park: AirTime Trampoline & Game Park, or the “A/T,” as it’s nicknamed, now open for fun at locations in Canton/Westland, Sterling Heights and Troy.

At the Sterling Heights location, at 44855 Hayes Road, its 31,000 square feet offer tons of space to jump and basketball dunk – plus try the Olympic-grade foam mosh pit, a designated children’s spot and two trampoline dodge ball areas. There’s also a centralized music station for hosting local DJs and occasional live bands.

With excitement for all ages, the “extreme” park in Troy (Troy Marketplace, 662 E. Big Beaver Road, Troy) packs wall-to-wall bouncy play structures into its 12,000-square-foot “center stage.” Trampoline courts are divided by age group to ensure a safe and fun time for all. For instance, “Tweeter” is designed for ages 3-7. Tweens ages 8-13 will dig “High Fidelity” and, for the 14-plus crowd, there’s “Distortion.” Courts open to all ages at 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights.

And the Canton/Westland location – which is at 36901 Warren Road in Westland – checks in at 30,000 square feet and is similarly packed with trampolines, trampoline dodgeball and foam pits.

Get some basketball airtime at Jam Session, too – or squeeze in some “Old School Dodgeball” in a gym-style setting.


And it’s all set to great jams. “Random acts of local music,” as co-owner Pam Wannemacher puts it – the concept is “engineered for fun and powered by music,” as A/T’s website says.

Listen for area DJs and bands on Friday and Saturday nights, and school choirs or bands on weekdays. Hometown acts are also welcome to submit their music for AirTime’s regular playlist. No wonder they call it “live and on the air.”

“When looking for the home of our first location, we evaluated cities all over the country,” Wannemacher says. “In the end, we knew that the Detroit area was the perfect location for our music-based trampoline park. As a proud supporter of local music, we strive to highlight the music talent that is in the metro Detroit area.”

Watch for a variety of family and teen nights, too. Options include the A/T Encore, mixing up tunes and play for ages 16-plus (includes two slices of pizza and a bottle of water). And A/T Revolution, for ages 13-plus, offers Friday night fun with bouncing, music and food.

There’s also space for private parties, corporate events and school fundraisers (housing up to about 120 people).

Of course, there’s some risk involved with all this bouncing, and AirTime has a variety of house and court rules to keep players safe. To prevent slipping, kids can play barefoot or with AirTime grip socks, which you can buy at the park. Courts also are monitored by staff trained in CPR and first aid.

AirTime strongly recommends reserving your “jump time” space in advance; weekends typically sell out a good two to three days in advance.

Costs are about $12/hour Tuesdays-Thursdays and $14/hour on Fridays-Sundays. Check ahead for the most up-to-date hours for each location (note that all three locations are closed on Mondays); hours can vary by location.

For more information on Canton/Westland call 734-215-2400; Sterling Heights 586-247-8887; and Troy 248-918-0909.

Note: Reporting and updates were done on this article in November 2012, August 2014 and January 2015.

  • “You can go tell it to Yelp, buddy!” — *Policy*-fetishizing Airtime Manager

    Ok, “buddy” … I usually don’t waste my time venting on here …. but, here I am!

    ***If you have young kids, STAY AWAY FROM AIRTIME. ***

    Most expensive … most harassed … most unwelcoming .. most disappointing … most frustrating … most anti-customer one hour I’ve ever spent together with my adventurous 3 yr old daughter. I wish this was all hyperbole. It’s not.

    We were harassed every 5 mins during our one-hour jump. Apparently they don’t want you around your kids. Hodge-podge, senseless rules about where your feet can touch, even if you’re just standing there making sure your kid doesn’t break an ankle (which I’m pretty sure I saw three other kids do as evidenced by the ice packs).

    Tried to have fun with the big foam pit. I’d go as far to say as that is the #1 attraction. Especially for a younger kid that never gets to do ANYTHING like that.

    First, told me I couldn’t be out on orange pads to encourage my little girl to take the plunge off the end. Ok, fair enough, there’s other lanes of rowdy pre-teens bounding past on both sides. Gotta stay on the black carpet you say? Ok.

    So we go to the end “lane” where the black carpet wraps all the way around to the pit. I walk along, stand there and cheer on MY THREE YEAR OLD. She dives in … AWESOME!

    As she’s attempting to crawl back to the edge and climb out, there’s easily 1-2 feet of reach from top of foam back to safety. Not an easy feat for a 2.5-3′ tall human. “I need help daddy” …. so as I kneel down and hold her hand, WHILE SHE CLIMBS HERSELF OUT, the No Fun Police run right back over to harass me about not being allowed to help her out of the pit.


    The Jr. Fun Police called in The Manager of Fun Police who came and looked me right in the eye and told me not to help MY THREE YEAR OLD out of the pit or he’d kick me out. I told them just give me my $14 back since we’re NOT ALLOWED to actually use the facilities. “No refunds.”

    I calmly explained to The Manager that we’d had the most unwelcoming experience I could ever have imagined for a PREMIUM “Amusement” business that should include an once of hospitality.

    “You can go tell it to Yelp, buddy!”

    Well here you go, Yelpers … Airtime trampoline park = $14/hour for a 3 year old to bounce around and get harassed the whole time and basically be threatened to be kicked out if daddy watches over or — heaven forbid — lends a hand.

    Never again.


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