Cool, Creative Gifts for Teachers

Looking for a unique way to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Month this May? Browse our list of these top-of-the-class creations!

Teacher Gift Ideas

Is there a teacher your child just adores? Since May is National Teacher Appreciation Month, why not brainstorm some creative gifts your child can make to let his teachers know just how much he cares! This roundup gives southeast Michigan families a few fun project ideas to get you started.


Decorated Decoupage Clock

It’s time for to express some gratitude! Your child can show her teacher she’s grateful for her every second in class by creating a personalized clock from the Family Craft section. Use strips of fabric and colorful buttons to dress-up a clock kit you can buy at a local craft store. Your child could even write a special message with fabric pens or permanent markers.


Homemade Soap

Everything’s coming up roses with this soap-making craft. Your child can pick the colors, scents and shapes when you make melt-and-pour soap. Choose from four different fragrances like Sweet Pea, Lavender and more at Nature’s Garden. Kits are $29.99.


Teacher Tote

What teacher doesn’t need an extra tote bag to carry those supplies to school? Let your child pick clip-art shapes to print and use iron-on transfer paper (available at Michaels) to create a unique tote bag his teacher will love. Follow the directions from queen crafter Martha Stewart, to make this project. You can also iron-on a class picture.


Mug Candles

Turn an ordinary mug into something extraordinary by making these candles. Purchase candle-making supplies at a craft store – you’ll need a wick, microwaveable candle wax and a mug. Place glue on the bottom of the wick and have your child press it into the bottom of the mug (careful, it’s hot!), pour the candle wax and let it cool to harden. You might find a fun “World’s Best Teacher” mug for the candle. Find step-by-step instructions at Design Sponge.


Duct Tape Cell Phone Case

What teacher couldn’t use a colorful case for his cell phone? Duct tape comes in zany designs and colors these days, from leopard prints to peace signs. Your child can follow the directions from Duct Tape Designs to craft a cell phone holder perfect for his favorite teacher.


Personalized Tie

For male teachers, why not create a tie they can wear with pride to school? The idea comes from, but you can follow the directions from eHow. With a plain colored tie as a base, let your child create imaginative patterns with permanent markers or paint on the tie. He might want to share some of his favorite things from class with images on the tie, whether it’s stars, animals or even math equations.


Handy Apron

From, this handy gift is perfect for teachers who love cooking. Let your child use acrylic paints on his hand to make prints on a fabric apron. You might even encourage him to either write his name or a special message with permanent marker next to his handprint (just make sure to wait till it’s dry!). You can also involve your child’s classmates in this project – maybe every student can add a message.


Flower Candy Bouquet

Flowers a teacher can eat? Your child will love putting together “flowers” using decorated candy bars taped to bamboo skewers. See Dollar Store Crafts for more on making this bouquet your child’s teacher can nibble on after class


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