5 Homework Help Websites

Assignment got you stumped? These online portals steer parents and kids to the answers when homework gets harrowing.

Your child asks you for help on question No. 5. You stroll to the kitchen table, confident that you can answer the riddling problem in no time – only to quickly realize you’re no closer to unraveling it than your kid.

Stumped? Not if you know where to surf! The web offers a marvelous array of creditable sources for homework help. Most sites are actually portals or hubs that direct students and parents to specific learning tools and other useful sites.

Listed below are five free sites that can help answer even the most puzzling question in any subject.

1. BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper. Its homepage declares, “If you can’t find it here, you just can’t find it.” And we believe it! Created by a college student, this portal provides links to sites that tackle any subject, including science, math, foreign language, social studies, English and even computer science. And each subject has sub-topics. For example, in science, more-specific sections include general science, biology, chemistry and so on. The site covers help for all ages.

2. Homework Center. A section called “Tools for School” provides links for virtually every subject. In math, find a link for flash cards; in geography, calculate distances in the U.S. and find latitude and longitude; and, in science, use the handy conversion calculator to figure out length, area, mass, volume, and even cooking measurements. The site aims to let kids learn the answer, instead of just finding it.

3. Kid Info. With a simple, kid-friendly design, this portal offers age-tailored links, including a “Students” tab for homework help. Here, children can easily navigate and find information about any subject that’s dogging them, from American history and art to music and math. There are roundups of reference resources and search engines, too, plus a spot just for younger kids. The site caters to grades K-12.

4. Ask Dr. Math. Arithmetic is a troubling subject for many kids – and often, parents have forgotten what they learned in school. Here, the problem is solved: Just conveniently submit your question to “Dr. Math” – a group of college math students – and wait for the response. They’ll explain the answer so kids can learn how to solve the problem. Browse the archive section for previously answered head-scratchers, for elementary students all the way up to through college level. There’s also a link that explains math formulas.

5. Discovery Education Classroom Resources. Why simply “read” your help? Kids are more visually wired than ever – and this site offers a trove of digital videos that take advantage of how many of them learn best. Click on the “Home Resources” tab at the top of the homepage, and you’re whisked to a well-organized, easy-to-browse collection of educational clips on math, science, English, social studies, world languages and more. It’s a destination covering K-12.


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