FoolMoon and FestiFools in Ann Arbor are Family Fun Events

Looking for a little outdoor spring family fun? These Ann Arbor arts festivals are a perfect pair on April 10 and 12, 2015. Join in the foolery!

FoolMoon and FestiFools in Ann Arbor are Family Fun Events

When it comes to larger-than-life fun with an artistic edge, Tree Town is the place to be every early April. That’s when a couple awe-inspiring Ann Arbor arts festivals with wacky, kid-friendly themes wend their way throughout the streets of downtown Ann Arbor.

For a ninth year, big, bold, colorful, zany puppets sounds are heading out for an evening and day out the town. Don’t miss out on the “public art spectacular” that is FoolMoon, set for Friday, April 10, 2015 – and the hallmark FestiFools in Ann Arbor on Sunday April 12, 2015.

How cool would it be to see a lit up fire-breathing dragon at night? Or maybe some glowing fish swimming in the air? Families can first brighten up their weekend at Fool Moon with a moonlit event featuring illuminated sculptures.

Join performing artists in their fun as they paint or show video projections on a building and present awesome art exhibitions. And keep your eyes peeled for the shadow puppet beasts that will make their way through the crowd!

Almost every kid has some sort of fascination with things that glow in the dark – even if it’s a nightlight to keep the scary stuff away. But watch their fascination grow when they see gigantic, lit up sculptures lighting up the nighttime sky!

After recovering from the nightly fun, get a day’s rest and then come back for an hour long of daytime fun on Sunday, at FestiFools in Ann Arbor. That’s when ginormous people-powered papier-mache puppets take over the streets!

This year’s theme is “Deja Fool” and features retro-toy puppetry such as the Bratz Dolls and a fresh spin on the American Girl dolls – or, for parents, “Mr. Monopoly” or some Rock’em Sock’em Robots. It’s all thanks to the creative efforts University of Michigan students. The entire family is sure to recognize a puppet or two.

And don’t forget your dancing shoes! FestiFools also features music from across the globe, from Brazilian to Balkan, with the Detroit Party Marching Band. T-shirts are also available for purchase at both events.

FoolMoon is Friday, April 10, 2015 and runs from dusk until midnight. Plan to meet up with the crowd between 7:45 and 8 p.m. at one of three starting points: the farmers market at Kerrytown, the U-M Museum of Art or Slauson Middle School. Routes are available for viewing online.

FestiFools in Ann Arbor is Sunday, April 12, 2015 and runs 4-5 p.m. Make sure to arrive early to stake out the best spots. The location is Main Street between Washington and William streets, and parking is free.

Both of these Ann Arbor arts festivals are free of charge, so don’t miss out. For more information on FoolMoon on April 10 and FestiFools April 12 in downtown Ann Arbor, check out the Metro Parent calendar listings.

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