FoolMoon and FestiFools in Ann Arbor


Let the foolishness begin! Families are invited to be silly and enjoy the silliness of the annual FoolMoon and FestiFools events, returning to Ann Arbor April 4 and April 6, 2014, respectively.

Kick off the fun at FoolMoon, running dusk till midnight Friday, April 4. Starting at 8 p.m., gather at one of three Constellation Stations, located at Kerrytown, Slauson Middle School and the University of Michigan Museum of Art, to view the procession of illuminated luminaries all the way to the intersection of Ashley and Washington streets. Also at FoolMoon, find light-based activities, including interactive features and Brazilian samba music and dance, sure to wow the family.

Then, on Sunday, April 6, head over to Main Street between William and Washington streets for FestiFools. The visual, vibrant spectacle includes papier-mache puppets made by students and community members over the past year. Powered by humans, these huge, unique puppets dance their way around downtown Ann Arbor.

For a new twist this year, people from across the area have been invited to be foolish at FestiFools. They've come up with goofy acts to thrill the crowds. Arrive sharply at 4 p.m., though, to get involved! This event only runs for one hour and will end at 5 p.m.

Both FoolMoon and FestiFools are free to attend. Just bring your goofiness and be prepared to get foolhardy.

For more information on both events, see the Metro Parent listings for the 2014 FoolMoon and FestiFools extravaganzas in downtown Ann Arbor.


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