Colonial Kensington at Kensington Metropark in Milford

Is time travel outside of your budget? Families, avoid pesky time machine fees and travel back to 18th century Michigan at Colonial Kensington at Kensington Metropark in Milford Aug. 9-10, 2014, for two days of historical re-enactments, cannon fire, costumes and tons of family fun.

This year, Kensington Metropark will fill up with more than 200 American Indian, French, British and American re-enactors representing the years 1700-1796 – in costumes from that era. These re-enactors will set up camp in the park and give visitors a chance to see what life was like in Michigan during this time.

Battle, tactical and craft demonstrations will take place throughout the event and will include musket and cannon fire, carpentry, cooking, medicine, blacksmithing, candle making, woodcarving and more! Plus, merchants will set up shop to sell authentic and reproduction clothing, toys and home decorations.

Tactical situations are offered in the early afternoon for the benefits of re-enactors and spectators alike.

The event takes place in the north picnic area of Martindale Beach inside of Kensington Metropark. Admission is free, but you must pay $7 for a vehicle entry permit. Times are as follows:

  • Saturday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

See the Metro Parent listing for more information on the 2014 Colonial Kensington at Kensington Metropark in Milford.


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