Top Cool Ways to Carve or Decorate a Pumpkin

Carved or decorated, fresh from the patch or fake, jack-'o-lanterns are family fun. These crafty creations are sure to get you geared up!

Pumpkins are full of possibilities when it comes to decorating. Gone are the days when everyone’s jack-‘o-lantern had the same toothy grin and triangular eyes. Heck – you don’t even have to carve it: Paint has replaced carving tools for some popular designs. But if you still want to get your hands dirty, check out these designs for inspiration. We’ve got everything from scary pumpkin displays to wacky faces sure to make your kids giggle!

Gourd-Eating Monster Pumpkin

Pair a big-mouthed, large carved pumpkin with several little ones to create a scary Halloween scene! Younger kids can even draw faces on the smaller pumpkins while older kids or an adult creates the monstrous mouth. Complete the look by poking the smaller ones onto a shish kabob skewer – or just have a trail into the larger pumpkin’s menacing mouth. This idea originally came from the Disney Family website.


Witch ‘o Lantern

Paint your carved pumpkin black and add a hat for a witch-faced pumpkin that will spook trick-or-treaters with these handy tips from


Potted Jack-‘o-Lantern

These terra cotta pumpkins, dreamed up by, let you skip the carving and go right to the decorating: Use orange-colored pots as pumpkin stand-ins and – with paint, a green pipe cleaner and felt for the stalk and yellow paint and a permanent marker for the face – you can create a cute pumpkin in a hurry. This cutie originally was dreamed up by, now the Disney Family website.



Frankenstein meets Jack-‘o-Lantern in this carving that will take a little medical tape, too, with this tutorial from Disney Family. The round eyes and the stitching mouth make this a memorable, fun design to put together.


Polka Dot Pumpkins

Who says jack-‘o-lanterns have to be spooky? Break out the paint can instead of the carving tools to create these dotty pumpkins from Family Circle. After you paint the pumpkin white and let it dry, use a stencil or sponge and your favorite colors to make a polka dot pattern.


Candy Pumpkin

Channel Martha Stewart with this pumpkin decorated with marshmallows, licorice and Good & Plenty. This idea, straight from the decorating guru herself, is easy to put together – and clean up!


Classic Witch Scene Pumpkin Transfers

Here’s another idea for families who want to forgo cleaning out pumpkins – transfer sheets! This witch design, by Martha Stewart and available on Amazon, includes 60 pieces (and sparkles) that you can use to decorate as many pumpkins as you want. Other transfer designs available, too.


Nosy Pumpkin

Instead of carving a pumpkin, use the gnarled pumpkin stem as the nose with this idea from You apply use paint or etch out eyes and a mouth using an X-ACTO knife. Make sure when you’re picking out your pumpkin to get a good look at the stem – the more twisted it is, the more unique your final design will be!


Classic Jack ‘o Lantern Templates

Whether you’re looking for an easy design or something more advanced, includes several downloadable patterns that match your carving level – and your child’s. Here, thanks to, you’ll find everything from the classic carved pumpkin face to pirates to vampires and much more.

This post was originally published in 2011 and has been updated for 2016.


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