April Fools' Day Recipes to Give Your Family a Fun Surprise


Bring the fun of April Fools' Day right into your kitchen this year. That's right, it's time to play a few pranks on your kids! But these jokes are all in good fun – and taste delicious. You might tell your kids that you're going to have a reverse dinner: Instead of eating the main dish first, you'll have dessert. But once the kids bite into their "cake," they'll know something isn't quite right – this April Fools' recipe is more like a pizza. Keep the joke going right through dessert, where they can dine on meat loaf (or Rice Krispies treats designed to look like it) and try to sip their juice, which is Jell-O set in drinking glasses.


April Fools' Cake

Who doesn't love coffee cake? While this April Fools' cake from Taste of Home might look just like one, it's actually made with all the fixin's of an Italian meal. The cake is baking mix that you pour into a tube pan with sausage, pepperoni and pizza sauce as a filling. And the frosting? It's melted mozzarella cheese!


Spaghetti and 'Oozing Eyeballs'

This easy recipe only appears to be gigantic eyeballs! Really, it's meatballs with cheese and olive slivers as eyes. And the ooze is spaghetti mixed with pasta sauce. This clever spaghetti and oozing eyeballs recipe from Kraft will probably inspire more giggles than groans.


Wacky Mashed Potatoes

Whip up a batch of regular mashed potatoes, but, instead of serving them on your child's plate, put them in an ice cream cone! These wacky mashed potatoes from Yummly really look like vanilla ice cream – but have all the flavor of creamy potatoes.


Pizza Cake

What kid wouldn't mind having pizza for dessert? But this is no ordinary pizza. This pizza cake from Serious Eats has a yellow cake crust that's layered with strawberry jam (sauce), grated white chocolate (cheese) and toppings made up of Fruit Roll-Ups (pepperoni) and gummy candies (red and green peppers). Complete the look of your pizza cake by picking up a pizza box from a local restaurant to use to fool your family into thinking it might just be the real thing.


Jell-O Drink

Of course, your meal isn't complete without a drink! Tease your kids with this Jell-O drink idea from Rescued Goods. They're easy to put together. Just mix up instant Jell-O – preferably a berry flavor – and pour it into cups to look like juice. Add a straw into the cup before the Jell-O sets. Serve the drinks at the dinner table and sit back and laugh while your kids try to drink, but can't!


Rice Cereal Meatloaf

Offer your kids this rice cereal meatloaf from Spoonful for dessert. They might resist eating meatloaf for a treat until they take a bite. The meatloaf is made of chocolate rice cereal. To get the look of the real thing, make sure to mix in red and green peppers, which are really little slivers of fruit leathers.


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