Campfire Recipes Your Family Probably Hasn't Tried Yet

Summer is camping season in southeast Michigan! That means you get to treat yourself to all of the campfire favorites you and the kids have been waiting all year to eat. If you're looking to shake things up a bit, check out these fun campfire-friendly foods from breakfast to dessert. Fire up your taste buds and gather around the campfire with your friends and family.


Ultimate Bacon Cheese Dogs

Don't cook another boring hot dog this season. Try this recipe from Gourmet Mom On-the-Go. These dogs are filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon for an appetizing dish for dinner or lunch.


Great Grilled Pizza

From pepperoni to pineapple, the possibilities are endless when it comes to pizza – so why not have it on your next camping trip? Top off English muffins with your favorite pizza fixings using this fireside recipe from KOA Kompass.


Campfire Popcorn Satchels

Grab some popcorn kernels and pop some popcorn the old-fashioned way. This recipe from Real Simple makes popping corn over the fire seem, well, real simple.


Campfire Pies

These easy-to-make hand-held pies we found from Andrea Meyers are always a blast to make. You can stuff the bread to make anything from apple pies to pizza pies right over your campfire.


Campfire Cones

Fill an ice cream cone with peanut butter, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and bananas – and heat it up over the fire for this mouthwatering twist on the classic s'more we found on Come Together Kids.


Campfire Breakfast Potatoes

Whip up these Campfire Breakfast Potatoes from Dirty Gourmet the morning after a night-full of camping fun. The added onion, bell pepper and spicy jalapeno make these over-the-fire potatoes a savory way to start off the day.


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