Chocolate Mint Recipes


If your family's idea of "going green" involves hefty hunks of pastel-sage ice cream speckled with delectable little chips, Feb. 19 is your day! The made-for-each-other merger gets its due on National Chocolate Mint Day. So why not indulge your sweet tooth a tad?

Whether it's a tantalizing scoop or two (visit one of your friendly southeast Michigan ice cream shops!) or something you whip up at home, this Sunday is a perfect excuse to snap up this always-delish dessert. Here are a few recipes that have Crumbs lickin' our collective chops!

Chocolate Mint Squares

Baking? Forget it with these tasty morsels. Essentially mint-flavored Nanaimo cookie bars, this Joy of Cooking how-to mixes up textures with a crumb base, layer of butter cream – and the "crowning glory is a smooth and glossy layer of semi-sweet chocolate." Drool!

'Shamrock Shake'

If you can't wait for McDonald's annual St. Patrick's Day delight, make your own, consarn it. This eHow recipe shows you how ridiculously easy it is with a blender, milk and ice cream. Bonus: If you use mint chocolate chip ice cream, you can skip that green food dye!

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is totally what I'd give a Ninja Turtle for dessert. These wicked cool-looking cookies use a touch of green food coloring to make the classic snack turn green with envy. But there's more than meets the eye: This prize-winning Betty Crocker recipe packs extra munch-punch with creme de menthe baking chips!

'Thin Mint' Cake Balls

Here's another fun loving "rip-off" spin on a blue-moon marvel. When you can't get your hands on the Girl Scout Cookies fave, replicate it in your own kitchen. We adore the Dine & Dish blog's cupcake-casing presentation of these wee cake balls. It uses a cake recipe from I Am Baker – which means you can also easily transform these babies into bonafide cupcakes (green frosting and Jimmies, anyone?).

Magic Mint Chocolate Bark

A swirly pattern lends this tasty treat mesmerizing appeal. This one gets mega points for simplicity, too: All you need are some dark chocolate and mint morsels, chopped almonds (or crumbled pretzel pieces) – and an oven to bake up your "bark." As Wayne's World's Garth might say: Woof!


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