Cool Tea Recipes for Summer

Southeast Michigan has definitely been feeling the heat with the record-breaking temperatures. Not only does June bring the start of summer, but this first month of school vacation is also National Iced Tea Month! So why not cool down with the kids by creating these six delightful dishes – each featuring a different type of tea as the staple ingredient? From drinks to Popsicles and even ice cream, they're all great ways to switch up your usual summer menu.


Chamomile Cooler

This iced tea, hailing from Martha Stewart, is made with soothing chamomile and is perfect for those lazy summer days. Garnished with lemon-flavored herbs and sweetened with honey, this iced drink is great to sip on to while cooling down in the shade.


Citrus Tea Punch

Combine your favorite tea with a little orange juice and lemon to prepare this citrus explosion we spotted in My Recipes. Whip up a glass of this tangy and sweet drink to wake up your taste buds.


Chilled Apple Tea

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Enjoy your daily apple mixed with an ice-cold glass of tea using this recipe featured in Country Living. Quick, easy and delightfully sweet, it's perfect for any sunny day.


Ginger Peach Iced Tea Popsicles

We wait all year for summertime Popsicles, so don't cut corners with boring ones. Give these frozen treats from Food For My Family a try. They're made with iced tea and include sliced peaches in each. These are sure to be a hit for the entire summer!


Green Tea Ice Cream

There's no doubt about the benefits of green tea. Improve your family's health while indulging in one of summer's favorite treats— ice cream! Using this Epicurious recipe, getting healthy is no longer a chore.


Citrus and Tea Cream Pie

You can even add the taste of tea to your dessert. Check out this recipe from online shop Arbor Teas, based in Ann Arbor, Mich. It shows you how to use your favorite tea and a lemon to prepare a citrus cream pie that is a sweet treat to enjoy under the sun.


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