Creative Lunch Ideas for School


School is back in session – and it's time to start packing your kid's lunch again. Of course, you could always go with the standard PB&J or ham and cheese, but why not reinvent the old standbys into something extraordinary? It doesn't take much to enliven your kid's lunchbox. Mix up the meal by packing extras like veggie sticks and pasta in silicon muffin cups tucked inside a Tupperware container. Or what about making a meal that looks like some of your kid's favorite cartoon characters? (You'll be surprised what you can do with a green apple and leftover rice!) Then again, you can make easy tweaks to that PB&J to impress your kiddos – add bananas and make it on cinnamon swirl bread. There's so many simple ways to make lunch more of an event for your kids. Time to get started!


The Muffin Man

Break up the foods in your kid's lunch Tupperware by using silicon muffin cups. Follow the fun lunch ideas at Redbook to make the most of your kid's next meal away from home.


Lunch for a Month

Ever wondered what celebrity chefs pack in their kids' lunch boxes? Here's the answer in this list of lunch box ideas from Celebrity Chefs from Parents Magazine. Click through for over 30 simply recipes – like these rice balls.


Checkerboard Turkey Sandwich

Trying to get your kids hooked on whole grains? Try this idea for a checkerboard turkey sandwich from Kraft Recipes. Use white and whole wheat bread to create the pattern, you can fill the sandwich with your child's favorite fixins' – not just turkey.


PB&J with Bananas

For the peanut fan in your house, try this PB&J with bananas from Delish. Put together this tasty sandwich using cinnamon-raisin swirl bread, peanut butter, raspberry or strawberry jam, and slices of bananas.


Monsters University Bento Box

This Monsters University bento box from Spoonful is sure to inspire giggles. The monsters are reinvented as a green apple, aka Mike, and a blue food coloring rice ball made to look like Sulley. Monsters never tasted so good.


Little Italy Chicken Pitas

Pitas make for the perfect kid-sized sandwiches. This recipe for Little Italy chicken pitas from Cooking Light is full of flavor. Use leftover chicken and mix in sun-dried tomatoes, vinaigrette and Asiago cheese.


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