Egg Recipes for National Egg Month and Beyond


Quiz time! What food has a completely different texture when it's boiled versus baked, skillet-fried versus heated in the microwave? And this food is packed with nutrients and protein making it a good choice for any meal? Final clue – it's inexpensive and easy to find. Okay, so you probably guessed from the title: it's eggs! Often we think of eggs for breakfast, but there are so many more possibilities. You can use eggs as the main ingredient for any meal – any time of the day – and even for dessert. May is the perfect time to feature eggs more often since it's National Egg Month. Eggs-cited now?


Microwave Coffee Cup Scramble

No need for a pan with this recipe – or even a stovetop. Mix two eggs with milk and top with cheddar cheese for this recipe for microwave coffee cup scramble from Incredible Egg. Scrambled eggs made even easier!


B.E.L.T Sandwiches

Ramp up the old BLT by adding in an egg. Make this B.E.L.T. sandwich from the American Egg Board by layering bacon, tomato slices and lettuce on brioche bread smeared with mayo. The finishing piece … an egg cooked on top with the yolk still intact.


Deviled Eggs with Country Ham

Do your kids like hard-boiled eggs? If so, they might also like deviled eggs with country ham from Food & Wine. For the filling of the hard-boiled eggs, whisk together the egg yolk pieces, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard and minced shallots. Top with snipped chives and thin-sliced ham.


Pretty Mini-Quiches

Crafting crusts for quiche can be time-intensive. Trim the time it takes to make quiche by using this crustless version. These pretty mini-quiches from MyKidsEatSquid start with a basic quiche batter and then you can add whatever ingredients your kids like – sausage, cheese, veggies and more.


Huevos Rancheros

Besides quiche, another classic egg dish is a Mexican favorite. This recipe for huevos rancheros from Martha Stewart includes scrambled eggs that are put in the center of a flour tortilla along with Monterey Jack cheese and ranchero sauce.


Chocolate Bread Pudding

The eggs in this recipe for chocolate bread pudding from Taste of Home keep the bread pieces moist and hold in the chocolate flavor. This recipe is only for two servings so you may want to double it – or triple it! Top with fresh whipped cream and berries to dress it up.


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